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Sri Sri Radha Baba-Part Two

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba', page 331:

Radha Baba's Kasht Maun

Kasht Maun or a vow of complete silence was taken by Sri Radha Baba on Sharad Poornima,19th October, 1956. It continued then onwards and these pages describes the many divine experiences he had during this time span.

We are given an account of the divine form of His mother after She left this world on 14th Jan, 1957.

Assimilating the Radha Bhava

There is an assimilation of Sri Radha Bhava on 8-9th April, 1957, after the fourth bhava diksha. The first Manjuleela Bhaba was in 1939. The second Manjushyama Bhava was in 1943 whereas the third secret Devi Bhaba was on 9th May, 1951 when Goddess Sri Tripura Sundari gave darshan to Sri Radha Baba.

Shri Radhashtami Utsav

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba, pages 354-355: Describe the three month long Sri Radhashtami Utsav in the year 1957 and the assimilation of divine mantras!

Sri Krishna Janamashtami in the Month of Bhadon

The author endorses that the month of Bhadon is so very special. First we have the Sri Krishna Janamashtami and Sri Radhashtami comes fifteen days later. The entire month abounds with festivities of joyous abandon.

Thus in 1957, Sri Sri Radha Baba entered a mood of ecstasy and exulted: Sri Vrishbanu ventures to Nandgaon for celebrating Krishna Janamashtami. And soon after Nandbaba comes to Barsana to celebrated the appearance day of Sri Kishorij.

So what a divine celebration! Baba was steeped in this ecstatic state for three months. The Baalkand of the 'Ramayana' glorifies the 'Maas diwas kar diwas bha...' while here it turned out to be a ninety day long ustav.

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba, page 356-377:

The Sakhi Bhava of Radha Baba

These pages give an account of the unique letters written by revered Bhai Hanuman Prasad Poddar. These compositions beautifully depict the sakhi bhava of Sri Sri Radha Baba.

The line that Radha Baba sang on Radhashtami kirtan in 1956:

kalindi, dheere baho, mere Priytam utrenge paar

which asks Sri Yamuna to flow slowly as our supreme lover Lord Krishna wants to cross over, was now sung by Thakur Ghanshyamji. Instantly Baba reached the heights of elation and ecstasy, such was the lovingly tender state of his heart!

'Jai Jai Priyatam'

1958: It was in this year that our Sri Sri Radha Baba becomes a poet for the very first time-! This obviously took place under the instructions of Lord Krishna. The spiritual world got the unique and sublime compositions of 'Jai Jai Priyatam' poetry.

This line of a real mantra is so very famous :-

pranon ka sauda hota hai, shan mein kuchh aise hi Priyatam .

While another verse reads:

tu thaur mujhe dena apne Neele, sheetal ur mein Priyam ....

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba', pages 378-387:

Hanuman Prasad Poddar ji in Samadhi

We have the Shodas Geet composed by Bhai Poddarji under the direct grace of Sri Radha-Krishna in 1960. Shri Hanuman Prasad Ji Poddar wrote 16 songs in the highest state of Samadhi. They were devotional songs reciprocating the love of Sri Radha-Krishna. Eight songs are sung by Lord Krishna for Radha while eight songs are expression of Radha towards Lord Krishna.

Shodas Geet by Hanuman Prasad Poddar ji

Radha Baba believed that these songs were highly spiritually charged and preached to his disciples to do sadhana of reciting these songs as a daily regime. The faith of Radha Baba and his disciples was so strong towards Shodas Geet that several temples of Shodas Geet were made where in these songs were inscribed in marble and copper plates in Bikaner, Gorakhpur (in 1963), Vrindavan and Jagannath Temple.

I have a special liking for the XI stanza of Shodas Geet:

mera tan-man sab tera hi, tu hi sada Swamini ek .......

which reflects what Lord Krishna was to Baba when He had gone into the withdrawal mode (Maan Bhava.)This line reminds us of Siddh Saint Bhai Poddarji. He was too shy for Himself but a wonderful gift for his friends and well-wishers .

Brahma Mahurata

Sri Radha Baba said that listening to the Shodas Geet from 2 am to 4.30 am, during the Brahma Mahurata was highly beneficial. It was the time of saints and they would invariably shower their grace on us if our shravan, mala or japa was sincere during these 150 minutes.

'Gita Govinda' by Jayadeva

Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba, page 376: Lord Krishna had become a poet and helped Jaidev complete his 'Gita Govinda' since he was not finding the proper words. Dark-hued Krishna ends Jayadeva's composition with

dehi me padpallavam udaarum

And now the famous poetry 'Jai Jai Priyatam' written by Sri Sri Radha Baba was correctly edited by Lord Krishna, the supreme lover, Himself. Actually Radha Baba had composed:

gairik mitti se yadapi thi avni leepi poti Priyatam

but Krishna, the lover of cows changed them to

gobbar mitti...

Lord Krishna or Gopala loved Cows

This clearly indicates that Krishna stressed on the protection of cows. Dark-hued Krishna is the cowherd Gopal who is the lover of cows, the wealth of His tiny village.

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba',pages 388-393:

Give a detailed account of of how to respect elders?

Sri Sri Radha Baba & Bhai Poddar ji

They depict the motherly affection of Kamli Maiya for Sri Sri Radha Baba. By the grace of Sri Sri Radha Baba , Kamli Maiya's daughter gets married. Surprisingly, both Bhai Poddar ji and Baba are present in her marriage at Kolkatta though they were actually in Gorakhpur during that time span.

In spite of Baba being a sanyasi, He performed the last rites of Kamli Maiya. Thus fulfilling her desire as mother. Who can be more kind than Saints? They end up breaking rules for their genuine devotees ?

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba', pages 394-413

Dadhi Kardham Utsav

Brijwasis throw curd in joyous abandon on Naumi after Sri Radhaji's appearance on Ashtami. This festival is called Dadhi Kardam Utsav which Sri Sri Radha Baba and Bhai Poddarji used to celebrate with sheer enthusiasm. In 1962, Bhai Poddarji wanted to enhance the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Baba and hence Thakur Ghanshyam ji was requested to give a Braj dress plus adornments to Bajrang ji who was a dholakia and singer for such festivities.

Thakur Ghanshyamji was too sincere in carrying out this duty and as the Utsav progressed it became so very blissful. Sri Sri Radha Baba was most pleased and distributed whatever He could offer at that time, to all the devotees.

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba,' pages 414-420

The pages dwell upon Shri Rudolf Suess, a citizen of Switzerland. He was dedicatedly devoted to Bhaiji and Radha Baba during the 1963-89 and 1991 visits.

Sri Vishnupriya, the Wife of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Basant Panchami is the birthday of Sri Vishnupriyaji, the wife of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. In 1964 it fell on 19th Jan, and Baba did celebrate it in a grand way. Everyone is well aware that Sri Vishnupriyaji used to first worship rice-particles with the Mahmantra every morning

Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare

Hare Krishan Hare Krishan, Krishan Krishan Hare Hare ||

and then cook them in the afternoon. This was her meal for the day and worship of Lord Chaitanya.

Lakshmana Serving Lord Rama & Sita

In the Ramayana everyone knows of Lakshman ji's sacrifice for Lord Rama & Sita but few of us are aware of Ma Urmila's 14 years spent in silent exile in the palace of Ayodhya. Who can measure the extent Her agony because for Lakshmanji, the holy feet of Lord Ramji-Sitaji were of utmost importance.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Similarly everyone is aware of the great saint Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the chief exponent of the Gaudiya Vaishwanism movement in eastern India and His famous sankirtan

Hare Ram Hare Ram,Ram Ram Hare Hare

Hare Krishan Hare Krishan, Krishan Krishan Hare Hare

but few know the sacrifice of his divine Consort. Sri Vishnupriyaji's entire life, with its every minute was dedicated to Lord Chaitanya and His love for God's name.

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba, pages 421-423

Mathura, Sri Krishna Janambhoomi

These few pages describe the grand stone-laying foundation ceremony of Sri Krishan Janmbhoomi Temple at Mathura on 11th Feb, 1965. Mathura that has the prison where Lord Sri Krishna was born ( Sri Krishan Janmbhoomi ) so all devotees revere this Holy city which is one of the saptpuris of India.

Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

Mathura, Lord Krishna’s birthplace is far superior to the mundane world and beyond earthly attachments. Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Kanchi, Kashi Avanti and Dwaravati are acclaimed as the saptpuris or seven prime pilgrimage sites on earth.

Temple of Sriji in Barsana

Bhai Poddarji along with Sri Sri Radha Baba specially travelled from Gorakhpur to Mathura for this purpose and stayed on for three weeks. They also visited Barsana, the birthplace of Sri Radha Rani. Both had extremely ecstatic experiences of Sri Sri Radhaji at the Sriji temple in Barsana. The famed Rasik Hargoolal ji presented the unique 'Pran Pushpanjali' to Them...

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba,'pages 424-426

Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh

These pages give an exclusive account of the darshan and voice of Ma Gange to Sri Sri Radha Baba at Swarg Ashram in Rishikesh.

Diyas Floating in the Ganges

They describe the divine Sri Ganga ji Arti and sighting of diyas floating in it, on Ganga-Dussehra. Since Radha Baba was a pauper he requested Ma Gange for this sight.

'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba,pages 426-437

'Sri Krishan Charitamrit'

These pages reveal the happiness of Sri Sri Radha Baba when His elder brotherTaradatt ji Mishra compiled the 'Shri Krishan Charitamrit.'

The handwritten copy of Srimad Bhagwat Mahapuran which is safely kept in Sri Radha-Krishna Sadhna temple, Gorakhpur, as of now.

Start of Sri Giriraj Parikarma at Geetavatika, Gorakhpur by Sri Sri Radha Baba from 22nd Sept, 1965 the appearance Day of Bhai Poddraji

The samadhi of Hanuman Prasad Poddar ji's remains was made at the same place on 11th May, 1977.

Dialogue with Lord Vishnu

These pages also present a direct dialogue with Lord Vishnu.

Sri Radha-Sudha Nidhi

There is a listening of Sri Radha-Sudha Nidhi or Radha's Delights, in 270 Sanskrit couplets.The greatness of Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu's works depends on the fusion of natural phenomenon with the greatest of Divines Radha and Krishna and their emotional reactions to love.

Sri Sri Radha Baba taught Japa of Bhagwannam
Radha Baba remained in Samadhi for days without being conscious of the world. Neither did He disclose His spiritual achievements nor did he make any disciples He taught the japa of Bhagwannam and firmly believed that prayer is the highest spiritual Sadhana which a human being can do.

His Golokgaman was on13th Oct 1992 which was exactly 57 years after the date of His renunciation in 1935. Radha Baba ended his life at wish and went into Maha Samadhi after his commitments.


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How to become a disciple of Radha baba?
Is there diksha?

HariHarji said...

My write up on Sri Sri Radha Baba clearly states that Baba never made any disciples so there was no diksha given by him.He taught the japa of Bhagwan Naam and believed that prayer is the highest spiritual sadhana.For more information please visit radhababaofgorakhpur.com. The book 'Preetirasawtar Mahabhavnimagna Sri Radha Baba,' by Banka ji is of great value because Sadhu Krishna Prem and Shri Radhe Shyam Banka lived with Radha Baba at Gorkahpur for years.

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please give me your email address. is there any living personality who is a true baktha like sri sri radha baba?