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Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' Eighty-first Shloka

tribhuvana-sarasabhyam divya-lila-kulabhyam ,
dishi taralabhyam dipta-bhushadarabhyam |
adbhutabhyam padabhyam ,
ayam anukujad-venur ayati devah ||81||

Simple Meaning: 

Lord Krishna Approaches

 This is He! My sportive Lord Krishna, playing on His flute and coming towards me with a fickle gait. He possesses two lotus feet which are the shelter for the shelterless, which are adorned with tinkling anklets and other brilliant ornaments, which move this way and that, which are the site of divine pastimes, which are more charming than the rasas of all the three world and which delight the three worlds with the mellows of love.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna's Lotus Feet

Shri Billavmangalji is beside himself with love on seeing Krishna coming close to him, "Look at this! My Lord is coming. His feet are conferring bliss on the three worlds and charming the four directions with the mellows of love. His lotus feet are shelter for the shelterless."

Shri Billavmangalji had been describing Krishna's lotus face till now but now his gaze has fallen on Krishna's feet. Hearing the sweet sound of tinkling anklets he raves that the anklets are chirping. This are the same feet which draw His loving devotees.

The one who has sought refuge in these lotus feet is forever blissful.These lotus feet destroy all the sorrows (adhi daivik and adhi bhautik)of mankind.

Gopis Long to Serve Krishna's Lotus Feet

 Steeped in love, the gopis also took shelter in these feet. Bearing the anguish of separation they are begging to serve these very feet

'Pranat-Kaamadam padma jaarchitam
dharani mandanam dhyey-maapadi ,
Charan pankajam shantmam cha te
raman nah staney-shvarp-yaadhihan ||'

'Your lotus feet, which are worshiped by Lord Brahma, fulfill the desires of all who bow down to them. They are the jewels of this universe, In times of difficulty, they are an appropriate object of meditation, by which all sufferings are removed. O the resident of Kunj ! Please put your pious lotus feet on our chest (heart) to bless and give peace, to confer supreme beatitude and peace to us.'
(Srimad Bhagwat,10.31.13)

Gopis Yearn for Krishna's Feet

 The gopis go on to say:

'Yatte sujaat-charnaam-buruham staneshu
bhitah shaney priya dadhi mahi karkshesu,
tenaat-we matsi tad vyathate na kinsvit
koorpardi-bhir-bhramati dhirbh vadaa yushaam nah ||'

'O dearly beloved! As your feet are more tender than a lotus, we use utmost caution while putting them on our chest(heart). With the same tender feet you wander in the deep forest bare feet. The mere thought of you treading with those tender feet on the thorny, stony paths in the forest give us pain and we loose our wits. O Lord, our existence is only for you. We are living only for you. We are only yours!'

Smiling, Krishna Appears

'Then Lord Kṛṣṇa, a smile on His lotus face, appeared before the gopīs.'
Lord Krishna could not bear the pathos of their longing and instantly appeared before them.

Krishna's Lotus Feet Lead to Divine Pastimes

 divya-lila-kulabhyam : These lotus feet are the origin and assemblage of divine pastimes.Placing Krishna's lotus feet on their hearts these Braj gopis relish the flavour of the ardent shringar rasa.

Lord Krishna Swings His Lotus Feet

 Sometimes perched on some flower-decked branch, Lord Krishna swings His blue-hued lotus feet. A reddish hue sprouts forth from His red soles. Their reddish tint competes with the redness of the upper portion of His feet and kind of sways in the breeze. Those Braj beauties saw this beautiful scene and reached the spot with a speedy gait. Relishing this episode they stood absolutely still. Looking intently at Krishna's ineffable beauty they were dumbfounded.

Krishna's Lotus Feet Stir all the Four Directions

dishi dishi taralabhyam : These lotus feet are stirring all the four directions with emotion.These feet dance delicately in the dense greenery of kunjas and nikunjas. Braj Bhoomi is proud of its good fortune for being marked by the footprints of these feet.

A Shila Marked by Krishna's Footprint

Lord Krishna sings the barwa raga when he returns at dusk from grazing the cows. The shilas or stones are moved by emotion on hearing this raga and His footprints are marked on them.Even today these footprints can be seen on the shilas of Mount Giriraj.

 Lotus Clusters

 The lotus feet of Krishna are the beauty of all the bhuvanas or cosmological regions, they are the abode of nitya leela or the eternal lila playful dalliances of Krishna.Those lotus feet which put the beauty of lotus clusters to shame are absolutely capable of giving shelter to His humble devotees. May my heart attain inexpressible joy from those very lotus feet from whom a gush of ananda rasa or the bliss of divine rapture is constantly cascading like a rain shower on this heated, desert-like earth. Shri Lilashuk is ardently longing for such a state.

Signs of a Flag & Thunderbolt Mark Krishna's Feet

 dipta-bhushadarabhyam : The lotus feet are adorned with the sweet sound of anklets and become rapturous with this tinkling. Morever, these feet are marked by the flag, thunderbolt and other signs.They are truly unique and their glory is incomparable.The person who seeks refuge in them becomes free from all cares for all times to come.

Krishna's Lotus Feet are Creators of Playful Dalliances

 These tender red-hued feet are the creators of several playful dalliances. They dance expressively in the courtyard of gopis hearts and fill them with an intoxicating rapture. One has no inkling as to what Krishna sometimes does to a Braj maiden with His toe nail that she is thrilled and ecstatic and takes refuge in His lap.

Shri Radha-Krishna on a Swing

 Once Kishoriji was sitting in a forest and drawing His picture. Krishna increased the speed of the swing from behind and lifting Her with both his feet He kept swinging. His pair of feet are extremely mischievous.

The Braj beauties know how to relish the rasa of these tender feet. Concerned about their softness, they clean the kunjas and nikunjas, lay flowers and sprinkle attar. Above all, they pacify the anguish of their hearts by the touch of these very lotus feet.

Billavmangalji is Ecstatic on Seeing Krishna

 Shri Billavmangalji reaches the heights of elation and ecstasy when he sees Lord Krishna playing the flute and approaching him from the front. 

Following His tinkling anklets Krishna comes nearer with a dance-like gait.

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