Friday, April 24, 2009

Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: Significance

The stotra ends with the 12th shloka but its composer Adi Shankaracharyaji, raves about the composition's virtues

Iteedmadbhutan stavtrishamya Bhanunandini

Karotu santatan janan kripakatakshabhaajnam.

Bhavetdaiv sanchit triroop karmnashan

Labhetda Brajendra soonu mandal-praveshnam.

'Oh, Shri Radhika the daughter of Vrasbhan! Listening to your devotee's unique stuti (hymn of praise) make me the worthy recipient of your benevolent side-long glance forever. With the grace of your sight, the threefold sufferings (mental, physical and circumstantial along with destined, amassed and present deeds) are destroyed. Soon enough I can easily gain entry into the nitya or eternal mandala of Krishna, the darling son of Nanda.'

Lowering our head in reverence to our adorable sakhi svamini's pure lotus feet, we make a prayer to Shri Radha. May the conferrer of instinctive grace and supreme beloved of Nandnandan, identify us as her own while bestowing the boon of her supreme lover Krishna's innate divinity.

We too are urged into complete absorption in the joy of Krishna and he exists intensely in our hearts. Mystically visualized as the world around us, he remains the essence of our lives. Not looking at us, the svamini should see herself, so that her mercy is showered on us.

She may spot us but not for evaluating our deeds or to weigh our worth...but rather making us her own forever and ever...hand us over to her supreme lover...urging us into complete absorption in the joy of Krishna...without spotting our competence.

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