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Chapter 50: Boboji Gains Entry Into The Eternal Nikunja (Passes Away) - 2

Lord Ranganathaji

The character of Shri Yamunacharya was extraordinary.He had spent his entire life in attending to the needs of Lord Ranganathaji.

Acharya Yamunacharyaji

His physical body consisting of five elements weakened and he would often be ill. Ascertaining his successor after consulting eminent Vaishnavas was a matter of great concern for him.

Whereas when Yamuna Muni presented himself for service, the Lord said, “You must come to my nitya dham (where the god forever dwells) as of now. He replied, “Lord! What is the great hurry let me attend to your needs for some more time.” The Supreme Being revealed, “I do not feel fine without you.” Despite this Yamuna Muni prayed that he be given eight days to appoint his successor. Initially the Lord refused but later consented.

Shri Ramanuja

However God took Yamuna Muni to his abode when Shri Ramanuja had yet been able to reach Srirangam.

The Supreme Being who is omnipotent and the refuge of various religions, took Yamuna Muni beforehand. God's wish reigns supreme and he may do as he likes.

Yoganandaji Maharaj

At the other end when Yoganandaji Maharaj was in America he had agreed to give a sermon at a particular place but what had been ordained by God was different.A few days before the scheduled date and after giving a sermon in Los Angeles, California, he went into mahasamadhi (passed away)and was liberated.Herein there is no question of doubting the firm resolve of those mahatmas but considering God's wishes as supreme they entrust themselves completely.

Shri Radha Baba

In the last few days revered Radha Babe had confirmed to his extremely close associates, I will certainly be present on a certain date. But God wished differently and Baba went into the proximity of Shyama-Shyam.This incident did not contain a personal vow of Radha Baba and neither did he want to deprive his devotees in any way. His instructions and resolve were incontrovertible since he was a supremely siddh (accomplished) saint but the wish of handsome Krishna reigns supreme. The body is mandatory till saints attain the goal for which they taken birth.

When we adopt the path of shringara bhakti, a certain spirituality that can only arise by indulging in love, there is absolute entrustment.

Herein our sole concern is to see Radha-Krishna united and joyous in love.This bhava considered as transcendental love of the highest order becomes our instinctive nature and then Janardhan (an epithet of Lord Vishnu) is overwhelmed and manifests for us. The trait of a supreme bhakta is to be stripped of doubts.

Episodes of memory and forgetfulness had been afflicting Radha Baba for quite some time. In other words we can say he would listen and give an absolutely correct answer if his mind was connected and would say just about anything if it was not. “By speaking one can clarify one's opinion,” he would often repeat. A few days before departing, his weakness was at its zenith.Saline was given but even on attending to his needs conscientiously no one had the slightest inkling of when he left.When the glucose stopped they could figure out that he was no more.

Moreover extremely close associates restless to know about his health could confirm the act of his going into the eternal nikunja only on getting the news.I would certainly not say that their bhava, mindset, contribution and intimacy was lacking and neither did Baba have any purpose of keeping the matter secret. Where we want to retain our existing state even on getting the indication of Radha-Krishna when nothing is in our hands and our apprehensions have been offered to Shyama-Shyam it can certainly not be called a trait of shringara bhakti, a certain spirituality that can only arise by indulging in love.

It was fixed that the 'Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah' was to be held in February 1970, in the ashram of Anandamayi Ma in Varanasi.

Shri Haribaba Maharaj

Shri Haribaba Maharaj had accepted the invitation to be present but on 3rd January itself he took the mahasamadhi or passed away.Now what should this development of uncertainties be called? He was certainly visible for Ma but...

Lord Rama

Not too long ago Shri Shri Ananda Das Babaji Maharaj told one of his disciples, “I will eat Ekadasi's meal of fruits along with you.” The matter was confirmed but Lord Raghvendra's (an epithet of Lord Rama) wishes were somewhat different. At the crack of dawn on ekadasi, the Supreme Being took him to his nitya dham (where the god forever dwells)

With this occurrence neither was the grandeur of revered Baba found deficient in any way nor was his resolve contradicted.When Priya-Priyatam with a passionate message call us into their proximity,no bond can be transgressed at that point of time.

Precisely this considered course of action was taking place in revered Bobo's life.Where there was adoption of shringara bhakti, a matter of the mind being easily moved and affection plus intimacy were strong.The surrounding associates were helpless and could not properly assess the fundamental change plus the indications it contained. We very well know and believe that those who have been born, will certainly be separated from us one fine day, but affection is so firmly posited in our mindset that we are scared of saying so and hearing this fact even on wanting to.

Revered Bobo

Revered Bobo had agreed for a medical examination now and arrangements for treatment were in the process. Her mind was absolutely indifferent. She did not have any attraction for the body even earlier but now even its moribund (at the point of death) form had become visible. The purpose for which the burden of this body had been given was fulfilled.She was merely drawn by her body since it was the medium of enjoying the joy of Shyama-Shyam's proximity, otherwise she was withdrawing from all directions.

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