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Vinay Patrika: Lakshman Stuti [38]

Raag Dhanaashree

Shri Lakshman


lakshmanaanant bhagvant bhoodhar, bhujag-

raaj, bhuvnesh, bhoobhaarhaaree |


shaman-santaap leelaavtaaree ||1||

jayati daashrathi, samar-samrath, sumitraa-

suvan, shatrusoodan, raam-bharat-bandho |

chaaru-champak-varan, vasan-bhooshan-dharan,

divyatar, bhavya, laavanya-sindho ||2||

jayati gaadhey-gautam-janak-sukh-janak,

vishva-kantak-kutil-koti-hanta |


sarvadaa raambhadraanugantaa ||3||

jayati seetesh-sevaasaras, vishyaras-

niras, nirupaadhi dhurdharmdhaaree |

vipulbalmool shaardoolvikram jalad-

naad-mardan, mahaaveer bharee ||4||

jayati sangraam-saagar-bhayankar-taran,

raamhit-karann barbaahu-setoo |

urmila-ravan, kalyaann-mangal-bhavan,

daastulsee-dosh-davan-hetoo ||5||

The Thousand-headed Sheshnaag Incarnates as Shri Lakshman Who is Endowed with Superhuman Qualities

Glory be to Shri Lakshman ji who is eternal, is endowed with six kinds of superhuman qualities, is an incarnation of Sheshnaag, the thousand-headed snake carrying the earth; is Lord of the entire world, relieves the burden of this mundane earth, spits out terrifying flames at the time of pralaya (dissolution of the world at the end of a kalpa), alleviates the world's suffering and incarnates as an avatara due to his own lila or divine play ||1||

Shri Lakshma, the lovable Brother of Lord Ram

Glory be to Shri Lakshman who is the son of Dashratha (ruler of Kosala ).The one who is suprlemely powerful in battle, is the son of Sumitra, is the destroyer of enemies and the lovable brother of Shri Ram and Bharat.

Shri Lakshman is Like a Campaka Blossom

The colour of whose beautful skin is like the campaka flower (a fragrant and yellowish-white flower), the one who is adorned with majestically divine clothes and ornaments, and is a vast ocean of beauty ||2||

Shri Ram & Lakshman Massaging the Feet of Vishwamitra

Glory be to Shri Lakshman who evokes joy in *Vishwamitra, Gautama, and Janaka, kills devious demons who are like crores of prickly thorns for this mundane world, gets rid of Parshuram ji's arrogance by merely a lot of cleverly intelligent talk and is forever walking behind Lord Ram ||3||

Shri Lakshman on Guard While Sita ji Presses Lord Ram's Feet

Glory be to Shri Lakshman, dedicatedly devoted in attending to the needs of Lord Ram who is the husband of Sita. He is detached from worldly pleasure and wears the religious yoke of serving Lord Ram without harbouring any deceitful intentions.

Shri Lakshman Killing Meghnath

Lakshmana is the primary reservoir of infinite power and bold like a lion. He is the extremely brave hero who crushed *Meghnath ||4||

Shri Lakshman Expiates the Sins of Goswami Tulsidas

Glory be to such a Laxman ji who effortlessly crosses over the terrifying ocean of battle, the one who makes a bridge of his handsome arms for the benefit of Lord Ram, is the husband of Urmila ji, is a repository of welfare and auspiciousness and the primary reason for expiating the sins of Tulsidas ji.

*Vishwamitra: is the preceptor of Rama, prince of Ayodhya and his brother Lakshmana in the Indian epic Ramayan.He gives them the knowledge of the Devastras, trains them in advanced religion and guides them to kill powerful demons like Tataka, Maricha and Subahu. He also leads them to the svayamvara ceremony for princess Sita, who becomes the wife of Rama)

*Gautam: a sage who turned his wife Ahilya to stone when she yielded to the desire of Indra.Thereafter the sage turned to his erring wife and said, " After a long time, Dasaratha's son will pass this way. When he sets foot in this ashram, you will be freed from the curse.”

*Lakshman: marries Urmila, the daughter of King Janaka of Mithila and younger sister of Sita.

*Parshuram: In the Ramayana, Parashurama came to the betrothal ceremony of the seventh Avatara, Rama, to the princess Sita. As a test of worthiness the suitors were required to lift and string the bow of Shiva, given to King Janaka by Parashurama. Rama successfully strung the bow, but in the process it broke in two. So when Parshuram turned to confront Rama, the destroyer of Shiva's bow, he could not pick up his axe as he was pacified by the brilliance of Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu avatara, and since he had blessed Sita he could not harm her husband who was a part of his own (Shri Vishnu).

*Meghnath: a warrior who was the son of the Lankan king Ravana in the Indian epic Ramayana. He was said to be invincible because of a yajna or sacrificehe used to perform before every battle. He twice defeated Lakshmana, but the third time Lakshmana disrupted the yajna with the help of Vibhishana and killed him.

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