Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn [72], Makes a Humble Petition to Lord Ram

Raag Bhairav

The Kind Goodness of Shri Ram

mero bhalo kiyo ram aapnee bhalaaee |

haaun to saaeen-drohee paai sevak-hit saaeen ||1||

ramson badho haai kaun, moson kaaun chhoto |

ram so kharo haai kaaun, moson kaaun khhoto ||2||

lok kahaai ramko gulaam haaun kahaavaaun |

eto badho apraadh bhaau na man baavaaun ||3||

paath maathe chadhe trin tulsee jyon neecho |

borat na baari taahi jaani aapu seencho ||4

Shri Ram is a Benefactor of His Devotees

Shri Ram brought about my good solely by his kind goodness. (What hope was there of my well-being coming about by my conscientiousness?) Because I am the one who does wrong to my svami ; but my master Shri Ram is a well-wisher of his sevak or devotee||1||

There is None Greater than Shri Ram

Who is greater than Shri Ram ji and who can be more contemptible than me ? Who is more genuine than Him and who can be more fraudulent than me ?||2||

Goswami Tulsidas, Adulates Shri Ram

The world says that I (Tulsidas) am a slave of Ram ji and I am also addressed as such. (In reality, not attending to the needs of Ram, I conveniently accept that position). This is a very grave offence of mine, still the heart of Shri Ram did not turn against me, even a bit ||3||

A Blade of Grass Floating on Water

O Tulsi! Even on being so inferior, just as a blade of grass rises to the surface of water (floats on top)but the water does not drown the blade, assuming that it has been reared due to being irrigated by it. (Similarly Lord Shri Ram thinks the same about his devotees) ||4||

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