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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twenty-fifth Shloka

apushnata bhuvanam adbhuta-vibhramena-
shri-krishna-candra shishiri-kuru locanam me 

Simple Meaning: 

Moonlike Lord Krishna

O moonlike Krishna! Please moisten my eyes with the gush of Your cool sidelong glances. That sidelong gaze of Yours, endowed with lovely looks from the corners of Your eyes, and the majestic flow of youtfulness fused with childhood, nurtures the three lokas (heaven earth and the lower regions). Please cool and soothe my anguished eyes with such sidelong glances.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna Soothes the Anguish of Separation

O moonlike Krishna! You are the moon and circulating coolness is in Your nature. My heart is suffering due to the anguish of separation-do not be late now. My life will become luxuriant with Your compassionate glance. The wealth of Your childhood mixed with youthfulness, innocence and sportive sidelong glance...once this captivating lustre of Yours, stirred by the simplicity of childhood, peeping from the alertness of youthfulness loads my eyes, then all of the beauty of this mundane world will become non-existent. 

The Interpersonal Romantic Exchange of Shri Radha-Krishna

Your extraordinary roaming, spirited antics and profound romantic dalliances nourish the universe. Some particle of Your amorous divine play has sprung forth and  pervaded this mundane world. Love is circulated and interpesonal romantic exchange takes place on earth because of this very fact. This world is in motion when it gets the support of that divine love. Ah! If you make me and my eyes get stuck in that sweet divine play of Yours then all my restless wandering about will come to an end.

Lord Krishna is Forever Youthful

Tarunya-samvalita-shaishava-vaibhavena:The juncture which Krishna's age has reached is defined in this pada. The same bhava is expressed in the pada of Kavi Bihari: gai na shishuta ki jahal, yauvan jhalakyo aaya |

The Innocence of Childhood & the Fickleness of Youth Merge in Krishna

Young childhood came at this end and youtfulness came at the other. Their traits, forms,virtues and sweet dalliances fused together and Krishna came to be called Puran Kishore or the perfect adolescent. In the union of young childhood with youthfulness, the unprecedented mixture of the innocence and playfulness of childhood  plus the fickleness and fascination of Youth is apparent. Krishna is a child and yet an adolescent, He is essentially enchanted and inflamed, at the same time.

The Ineffably Beautiful Krishna

Shri Bilavmangal has  indicated these bhavas of His in shloka 55 of 'Shri Krishnakarnamrita:'
tat kaishoram tac ca vaktraravindam
tat karunyam te ca lila-katakshah  

It would be hard to find such beauty, such sweet adolescence, such tender compassion and such playful, sidelong glances, as we find in Krishna.

The Romantic Dalliance of Shri Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan

 iapushnata bhuvanam adbhuta-vibhramena: The zenith of Lord Krishna's sweet amorous frolicks have been indicated through this pada. He is nurturing the three lokas by the miracle of His madhurya or sweet dalliance in Vrindavan. Thus Krishna, the dark-hued moon, who resides in Shri Vrindavan is the only guardian and nourisher of whatever is beauteous and sweetly visible in the three lokas. O  moonlike Gardener who cools our minds and hearts! Do not be late as of now. And cool the anguish of my eyes by your compassionate sidelong glance, Your childhood laden with youthfulness and Your sweet romantic dalliance which nurtures the bhuvans (cosmological regions).

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

In this shloka, "ve apne vrindavan-vilas ke chamtkar se poshan karte hein"yahi baat dham ki mahima ko dikhati hein
Unki chatta ka bahut sunder chitran
kiya gya hei!!