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27th & 28th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 27th Verse

Sinhika sanhaari bal, sursaa sudhaari chhal,

Lankinee pachhaari maari baatika ujaaree hai |

Lank parjaari makree bidaari baarbaar,

Jaatudhaan dhaari dhooridhaanee kari daaree haai ||

Tori jamkaatari Madodri karhori aanee,

Ravankee raanee Meghnad Manhtaaree haai ||

Bheer baanhpeerkee nipat raakhee Mahaabeer,

Kaaunke sakoch Tulsike soch bhaaree haai ||

Hanumanji fighting demoness Sursa

Slaughtering the power of Sinhika (The female rakshasa, Sinhika, rises up out of the waters and swallows Hanuman as he nears Lanka. Inside the demoness, Hanuman crushes her heart and escapes through her ear.), reforming the deceit of Sursa (the demoness who blocked the sea to Lanka,Becoming very small, Hanumanji went in through her ear and came out of her mouth thus fulfilling the boon that everyone who ventured here must pass through her mouth), killing Lankini (a demoness guarding Lanka) and ravaging the Ashok Vatika (a garden in Lanka where Sita was held captive by Ravana).

Burning the city of Lanka to ashes, you repeatedly annihilated the troops of demons, shredding them apart like a female crocodile. Tearing Yamraj's sword or in other words exposing him, you brought out the mother of Meghnad and Ravana's patrani, Mandodri, from the royal palace.Oh the greatly powerful Kapiraj! Tulsi is very concerned since you have abandoned the fear of his arms' pain intimidated by someone.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 27th Verse

Ramaay Rambhadraay Ramchandraay Vedhasey

Raghunaathaay naathaay sitayah paataye namah ||

I respectfully salute the Rama who is good, cool as the moon, an incarnation of the Creator, Raghunath (lord of the race of Raghus) and the husband of Sita.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 28th Verse

Tero baalkeli beer suni sahmat dheer,

Bhoolat sareersudhi sakra-rabi-rahukee ||

Teree baanh basat bisok lokpaal sab,

Tero naam lait rahaai aarti na kaahukee ||

Saam daan bhed bidhi baidhoo labed sidhi,

Haath kapinathheeke chotee chor saahukee|

Aalas anakh parihaaskaai sikhaavan haai,

Aite din rahee peer Tulsike baahukee ||

Oh brave one! Hearing the play of your boyhood, the courageous are also terrified, while Indra, the sun and Rahu lose consciousness of their body. With the might of your arms all lokpaals (deities presiding over the universe) settle down without any grief and by taking your name everybody is free of sorrow.

Superior to what is ordained by incantation, bribery, threat and guile (the traditional means of a king to attain his purposes) and even by study of the Vedas, is that thieves and businessmen are mere puppets in the hands of Kapinath (a title of Hanuman).Is the painful agony hurting Tulsidasji's arms for the past so many days due to your laziness or fury, ridicule or teaching.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 28th Verse

Shri Ram Ram Raghunandan Ram Ram

Shri Ram Ram Bharataagraj Ram Ram

Shri Ram Ram Runkarkash Ram Ram

Shri Ram Ram Sharanam bhav Ram Ram ||

The meeting of Rama and Bharata

Oh Rama, the darling son of the Raghus! Oh Lord Rama, the elder brother of Bharata! God Rama, boldly daring in battle! May you, become my refuge.

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