Friday, July 15, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 270

Raag Kalyan

Lord Raghubeer

kabhun kripaa kari raghubeer! mohu chitaaiho |

bhalo-buro jan aapno, jiya jaani dayaanidhi ! avgun amit bitaaiho ||1||

janam janam haaun man jityo, ab mohi jitaaiho |

haaun sanaath hvaaihaau sahee, tumhoo anaathpati, jo laghutahi na bhitaaiho ||2||

binay karaaun apbhayhu ten, tumha param hitaai ho |

tulsidaas kaason kahaai, tumhee sab mere, prabhu-guru, maatu-pitaai ho ||3||

The Tiruvangad Rama Temple in Kerala

O Raghubeer ! Will you have mercy and look at me, as well, at some point of time? O treasury of compassion ! ' I am certainly your dedicated devotee whatever I may be good or bad'. Grasping this fact in will you put an end to my endless vices? (Annihilating all my sins by your kindness, will you make me your own?) ||1||

Focus Your Mind on Shri Ram's Lotus Feet

(Before the present period) this mind has been triumphing over me in every birth (defeated by him I have been entangled in worldly enjoyments. Will you make me conquer him, this time round?) (Will my mindset come under control and be solely focused on your feet?) (In that case) I will certainly be having a master but even you will be acclaimed as Lord of the destitutes, if your are not scared of my pettiness. (Not paying any attention to my worthlessness if you take me under your refuge, the glory of your of being a master of the orphaned, will also become meaningful.) ||2||

Shri Ram is Goswami Tulsidas' Greatest Well-Wisher

I am making this humble request to you because I am afraid of my own self. You are my greatest benefactor. (But Nath!) For unburdening his grief, who else should this Tulsidas go to ? Because only you are everything to me, my master, guru, mother, father and so on.

Raghubeer: an epithet of Lord Ramachandra

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