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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Forty-third Shloka

abhyam vilocanabhyam-
amburuha-vilocanam balam  |
dvabhyam api parirabdhum
dure mama hanta daiva-samagri  ||43||

 Simple Meaning:

Lotus-eyed Lord  Krishna

The divine good fortune which is needed to embrace that lotus eyed young boy (Madan Mohan) with these two eyes of mine, is miles away from me. In other words where do I have that destiny that I can catch a glimpse of Him.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Bilavmangal ji Longs to Embrace Krishna

Living in the external world Shri Bilavmangal ji is expressing a desire to embrace Lord Krishna with his eyes. Due to excessive despair he thinks that to attain that embrace though this body of his is extremely difficult to accomplish.

Before this Shri Bilavmangal ji had embraced Lord Krishna with his eyes: 'amburuh vilochanam balam' or tender as the lotus, 'irshat arun' whose eyes are lotuses, embracing that very Lord with my eyes, is such good fortune.

Govind Prabhu says in some pada:

alak sanvaran ke mis bhamini, pherat piya tan nain niharee  |
'govind prabhu' ko mukhdekhi, sukhbhayo tan, drishti son bharat ankvari  ||

Capricious Krishna Appeases His Beloved Shri Radha

Supreme lover Krishna, the loving culprit is standing at the entrance of the nikunja, and is charming His offended beloved Shri Radha. Sulking Shri Radha is not very haughty today. She was hesitant to leave her haughtiness easily, what should she do now? Is the Beloved of the shrewd Shiromani less clever? She is wanting to give a loving assurance to Krishna, the Supreme Lover-so on pretext of arranging her lock of hair she moves her lotus hand on her head-adulating the Ssupreme Lover by a side glance. At that very moment it seems as if she is filling Her lap with the Surpeme Lover, through her eyes, She gives Him rest. How the affectionate round face of the Supreme Lover would have bloomed with that glance-both of them would only know.

Assuming the Form of a Sakhi, Bilavmangal ji is No Less Clever

He is saying, “ I can not look at dark-hued Krishna with my two eyes but let me intently gaze at him with an ogling glance!, at least. Shri Thakurji is right in front but I am not being able to check the greed of finding Him extremely close to me. An ardent desire for more and more is being kindled. Unbearable yearning is making me uneasy. I am not satisfied by just the joy of seeing Him, in fact every fiber of my being, every limb, all my senses are restless to fill Him in themselves.An unbearablly painful burning wave is running through my mind and heart.

The Intoxicating Glance of Dark-hued Krishna

Lord Krishna is an extraordinary child, who is pouring forth such intoxicating glances from His lotus eyes. What sort of an exhilirating elixir is it which is circulating a cool life in my mind and heart. A uniquely soft intoxicating wave of attraction is drawing my body, every limb of mine and all my sense to it. In which way should I calm my enflamed heart, aroused by passion?  My good fortune is very far away from me. Whom should I tell my sorrow? Who will listen to it?

A Sakhi Yearning for Lord Krishna

Actually speaking, the more love one has for capricious Krishna, the more dissatisfied and restless one is In this realm of love flowing towards the Lord. Satisfaction and patience keep standing and entreating for the boon of love. This is the realm of restlessness, and the treasure trove of not being satisfied. Dissatisfaction,  anxious eagerness, and agitation are the ornamentations of this place. A passionate heart loving God can only know of this burning pain and understand it:

'bhagwat-rasik' rasik ki baatein ,
rasik bina kou samujhi sakain na  ||

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Adbhut shloka hai ye!!
SH.Bilavmangalji hum par bhi kripa kare.Kitani sunder pictures hain jo apne aap hi bol rahi hain.