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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twenty-sixth Shloka

kada va kalindi-kuvalaya-dala-shyama-taralah
kataksha lakshyante kim api karuna-vici-nicitah 
kada va kandarpa-pratibhata-jata-candra-shishirah
kam apy antas tosham dadhati murali-keli-ninadah 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna's Sidelong Glance is Likened to A Blue Lotus

When will I get to see Your (Krishna's) sidelong glances which are dark-hued and fickle like blue lotuses blossoming in the Yamuna, and are endowed with extraordinary waves of compassion? When will the dallying notes of the flute which are more cooling than the crescent moon cooled by waters of the Jahnavi (Ganga) lodged in the matted locks of Lord Shiva,the enemy of Kamdev, cool my heart burning with the anguish of separation, and grant inexpressible self-gratification?
The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna's Glance is Soaked in Nectar

Assuming the sakhi bhava, Shri Bilav Mangal ji says, O Shri Krishna Chandra! When will that time come when I will see You sidelong glances which compared to blue lotus clusters growing in the Yamuna, the daughter of Kalinda, are darker, more fickle and suffused with inexpressible waves of compassion. How is this merciful glance which is pervaded by surges of love-fondness,passion-devotion,affection and love. This is not the gaze which falls on the needy,it is not also the gaze which irrigates devotees and it is not the look which melts by looking at some crippled  or poor person. It is a sidelong glance which is  soaked in nectar.

Lord Krishna's Glance Cools a Beloved 's Anguish

Ah! Loaded with the darkness and fickleness of smiling lotus clusters in Shri Yamuna, a loving merciful wave is gushing forth from Krishna's glance for cooling the anguish of some beloved. And yes! When will I be able to see that same dark, fickle and merciful glance? When will both these eyes be pacified by glimpsing at those extremely juicy glances laden with rasa.

Lord Krishna's Flute Play Ends the Threefold Suffering of Mankind

Will my good fortune ever rise like the sun, when I will be able to hear the melodious sound of your flute play with my ears, whose sweet sound is even cooler than the moon. That flute play puts an end to the threefold miseries(adhyatmika, adhidaivika and adhibhautika) of mankind...

 Lord Shiva's Crescent Moon is Cooled by Jahnavi

The moon is resplendent in the jungle of Mahadev's matted hair-and it is has become even cooler because of being constantly drenched by the gushing Ganges. The mellifluous sound of Your flute is even cooler than this moon-may it cool my inner anguish, repress my mundane lust and increase my love for Lord Krishna by its ringing sound.

Dark-hued Krishna's Flute Play is Blissful

 Hence Shri Lilashuk says-May such a flute play grant blissful joy and contentment which is inexpressible in words after calming my intense passion for mundane lust, snares of the world and  longing for love,. Ah! When will this happen?

Shri Chaitanya Das ji says:

kalindi kuvalya dal shyamtarala

In this pada the bluish hue and affection of Lord Krishna, plus His removal of suffering is expressed.

1. kalindi-kuvalaya-dala-shyama-taralah
Just as lotuses keep swaying because of the wind in the same way the fickleness of sidelong glances is becoming apparent in Lord Krishna's dark-hued  body by the gust of love.

2. kim api karuna-vici-nicitah
The sidelong glances of Lord Krishna are becoming fickle due to some inexpressible waves of compassion.The ocean of mercy which surges in merciful Krishna's heart-is being felt in the gaze of His eyes. Loving devotees sense the waves of compassion in Krishna's eyes.

3. kandarpa-pratibhata-jata-candra-shishirah
The extreme coolness of the moon resplendent on Lord Shankar's matted locks is because it is constantly bathed in the gush of Mandakini arising form the Himalayas.

4. murali-keli-ninadah
But the sound of Krishna's flute play is much more refreshing thatn that extremely cool moon.There are five kinds of resonating sounds as per the 'Sangeet Ratnakar.' The sound of the flute is acclaimed to be the most  subtle of the lot.

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As Sh.Bilavmangalji wishing for Murli-Dwani in this shloka .Bahut hi sunder pictures ke sath ye bhav aur bhi nikhar kar aaya hai.May god bless us the same "Sheetalta"of Vanshi-Dwani to bear this world's sufferings.

Thanking you!!