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Chapter 38: Return to Vrindavan, Emotive Perceptions

Protected by Vrinda Devi is Vrindavan (name of the forest area near Gokul in which Krishna spent his childhood).It is here that Radha-Krishna enjoy themselves in the wilds without the restraints of divinity.Aware of their wishes, Vrinda Devi is expert at creating the perfect pastoral setting and seasons for their romantic dalliance to unfold.

Well revered Bobo resided for a week in Giriraj and returned to Vrindavan. Relishing their rasa, she describes the impassioned state of Priya-Priyatam,“ What should the enraptured young couple do-they are not able to bear the garland of flowers. As of today both of them did not wear a necklace of jewels or diamonds but of radiant laughter- and the joyous abandon could not be contained.Intoxicated by sighs of yearning, Kishoriji walks coquettishly.The sweetness of their fragrant limbs is a matter related to sight. Delighting the eyes... this is not an episode related to voice...or writing.

The imagined pleasures of an impassioned man and enraptured woman made both desirious to relish the consummation of their love...And behold, finding her shy longing incapable of stepping out of its embarrassed state...Priyaji raised her eyes...which like a capricious bee focused on the face of Priyatam.Soon after Kishoriji, lowered them to know about her supreme lover...And the passionate escapade was repeated as the yugal moved into the mazes and mysteries of love.

The biting wind of the cold season blew freely, but its blast had no accessibility to nikunjas set on banks of the Yamuna. Amidst cold whiffs in such a delightful shrine, the handsome yugal were immersed in their amorous frolic. The new moon could be seen smiling in a creeper thicket at one end. Seeing the irresistibly attractive form of Priyaji in that dim light, the passionate supreme lover was further aroused.

A little later he shook Radha out of her reverie and she adulated him with her half shut eyes. Instantly moonbeams bathed her body with their lustre. Who has the competence to understand Bobo's state of mind steeped in relishing the rasa of Radha-Krishna.

Revered Bobo was residing in Banke Bihari Colony these days and it was her fortieth birthday.

In the evening Sarlaji and Santoshji fondly put bangles on her hand and made her wear the flower garland of their Shri Salagramji (Salagram a kind of black stone containing one or more ammonites which is supposed to be pervaded by the substance of Vishnu, and is sacred to Vaishnavas).Bobo had abandoned this practice of wearing bangles right from childhood but insisting that other bahens wear this sign of wifehood,.Having great respect for Santosh Bahenji it was impossible to oppose her affectionate entreaty and she accepted it lovingly.

At night she kept the garland near her pillow, as she went off to sleep. Soon after,Bobo saw that holding her left wrist,Shri Thakur is adorning it with his personal golden bracelet studded with various gems.Wide in the centre and narrowing down at both ends-it was was slightly big. Consequently Priyaji took her slightly broader bracelet with a zone of small bells strung at both sides and made her wear it. Bobo was delighted.

The sweetness of the handsome Shyam's feet instinctively drew her and Bobo was absorbed in their charming tale:-

“His pair of lotus feet...Oh! How tender, beautiful and fragrant are they? All sorts of land and water lotuses competed with them but were defeated. But sakhi the lotus thicket offered its entire Shri or splendid beauty at Krishna's lotus feet, soon after.The lotus fragrance merging with the scent of his lotus feet is roaming delightedly in the whole of Vrindavan. Kamla Devi (a title of the goddess Laxmi) herself abandoned the padmalaya (lotus thicket) and began residing in these lotus feet.

Revered Bobo then saw the glowing red of Krishna's lotus hands, which made her heart pound. And her sentiments resounded in that impassioned state.

Krishna is the repository of madhurya and every limb of his is acclaimed as the paragon of sweetness. Have a look at his couple of lotus hands which caress his bamboo flute's dried up frame with fondness and affectionate play, and make it the breath of love.

What great act of merit hath this flute performed in consequence of which it is drinking the nectar from the lips of Krishna. Which art arranges for the play of an amorous frolic as these teasing pair of hands come up with a new stratagem every other day when Krishna places his tender fingers on the flute and raises them at times.

The charm of Krishna's lotus hands aroused his couple of arms, which turned into an ardent longing.

The Braj beautes have bathed them with love and in turn those arms immerse these Braj maidens with their gush of affection and passion. Enflamed by some delicious anguish when this pair of arms embrace the desirable beauties, the flood and ebb tides of love invade them.Sometimes an enraptured maiden steeps these arms with the love of her ardently longing heart. A terrifying rush of love gushes forth from both sides breaking through the embankments of romantic dalliances.

Soon enough, on looking up one saw Krishna's ineffable beauty.The glory of Krishna's dark hued face, the colour of the condensed sky, was gathering and looting the spirited Shri or beauty. Violating all the norms of eloquence is this beauty...of Krishna's face which is irresistibly attractive with an attractiveness as mysterious as it is compelling.

Who is pouring his madhurima or sweetness on my heart, pointing at some spirited dalliance with his mischievous feet...putting the lotus thicket to shame, the refuge site of Padma (title of goddess Laxmi)... tickling the flute with his lotus hands, the fabricator of an amorous frolic...with arms which are recipient of the Braj beauties' pampering... enflaming the heart with his face's madhuri or sweetness...who is this ineffably beautiful Kishor or youth? Is he jolting me...making me helpless...? Oh my inner core is swooning with his addictive beauty...what should I do? Where should I go...?Ask whom...?

Reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy, Bobo was escalating the glory of Vrindavan.At times her rapture would transform into a particular meditation and her delight was shadowed by a certain mudra.

All these would indicate a kind of silence for certain and make her lost in a reverie.At times her inkling to remain quiet would make her extremely serious and she would take a vow of silence.

She got an indication from Priya-Priyatam beforehand and became serene. At times she would not feeling like talking to anyone. Many a time she would do shrigar of the yugal or Radha-Krishna and long to sit in the proximity of Shri Yamunaji.The presence of her own people whom she gave full respect did not seem joyous to her and she was not keen to talk to them at times. Due to God' s stimuli she would go into a concentrated internal practice of imaginative recollection to remain in the closeness of Shyama-Shyam. Soley talk of their countless legends, thoughts, a yearning for the joy of Radha-Krishna's proximity would tug at her heart strings.

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