Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hanuman Stuti [30]

Raag Sarang

Shri Hanuman

Jaake gati haae hanumanki |

taakee paaij pooji aaee, yeh rekha kulis pashaankee ||1||

aghatith-ghatan, sughat-bighatan, aesee birudaavali nahin aankee |

sumirat sankat-soch-bimochan, moorti mod-nidhaankee ||2||

taapar saanukool, girijaa, har, lashan, raam aru jaankee |

tulsi kapikee kripa-bilokani, khaani sakal kalyaankee ||3||

Rely on Shri Hanuman

The one who has the support of Shri Hanuman ji (in every possible way), his vow is fulfilled, for sure. This reliable doctrine is indelible like the line etched by admantine (diamond). ||1||

Smarana of Shri Hanuman

Because Hanuman ji is the one who makes an impossible happening become possible, and the improbable become probable. Nobody else is endowed with such a glorious trait. The instant we do smarana or recollect the delightful form of Shri Hanuman ji, we are relieved of all the misfortunes and sorrows. ||2||

Become a Recipient of Shri Hanuman's Grace

O Tulsidas! The one who is a recipient of the kripadrishti (the favourable look) of Hanuman ji, the repository of all kinds of virtuousness, is forever blessed with the grace of Parvati, Shankar, Lakshman, Ram and Janaki.

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