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Vinay Patrika: Bharat Stuti [39]

Raag Dhanaashree

Greatly Fortunate Bharat ji Meets Lord Ram in Exile



rasik-madhukar bharat bhooribhaagee |

bhuvan-bhooshann, bhaanuvansh-bhooshann, bhoomipaal-

manni ramchandraanuraagee ||1||

jayati vibudhesh-dhandaadi-durlabh-mahaa-

raaj-sanmraaj-sukh-pad-viraagee |

khadag-dhaaraavratee-prathamrekhaa prakat

shudhmati-yuvti pati-prempaagee ||2||

jayati nirupaadhi-bhaktibhaav-yantrit-hriday,

bandhu-hit chitrakootaadri-chaaree |

paaduka-nrip-sachiv, puhumi-paalak param

dharam-dhur-dheer, varveer bhaaree ||3||

jayati sanjeevnee-samay-sankat hanoomaan

dhanubaan-mahimaa bakhaanee |

baahubal bipul-parmiti paraakram atul,

goorh gati jaankee-jaani jaanee ||4||

jayati rann-ajir gandharv-gann-garvhar,

phir kiye raamgunngaath-gaataa |


saran tulseedaas abhay daataa ||5||

Shri Bharat Relishes the Nectar of Lord Ram's Feet

Glory be to the greatly fortunate Shri Bharat who is a passionate black bee eager to relish the nectar of Lord Rama's lotus feet. The one who has the svarupa (form) of an ornament for the mundane world, is an adornment for the *Suryavanshis and is completely loving towards Lord Ramchandra ji who is a shiromani or supreme amongst kings||1||

Dark-hued Bharat Steeped in the Love of Lord Ram

Glory be to Bharat ji who turned his face away from such a greatly pleasurable kingdom and empire which is tough to attain by Indra, Kubera and other *lokpalas as well. The one whose service and religious observances undertaken in devotion, are extremely perilous like the sharp blade of a sword. The one who is considered foremost amongst such worthy men and the one whose youthful wife of pure wisdom is steeped in the love of husband Ram||2||

Younger Brother, Bharat Walked all the Way to Chitrakoot For Bringing Back Lord Ram

Glory be to Bharat ji who overwhelmed by sincere love flowing towards the Lord went walking all the way to Mount *Chitrakoot for his dear brother Shri Ramchandra ji.

Bharat Ji Takes the Padukas of Lord Ram

He kept protecting and rearing the earth by becoming a minister of the padukas (wooden slippers) of Shri Ram(when Ram refused to come back to Ayodhya, Bharata himself placed Rama's sandals at the foot of the royal throne, and neither sat upon the throne nor crowned himself.) And the one who wears the supremely religious yoke of serving Ram and the one who is a greatly heroic warrior||3||

Shri Hanuman Getting the Sanjivani Herb

Glory be to such a Bharat ji of whose bow-arrow expertise Hanuman had greatly raved about when Lakshman ji was struck down by Shakti. Hanuman was getting the sanjivani booti (a life-saving herb found on Mount Sumeru) but he was *wounded by Bharat ji's arrow and fell down; whose arms are truly very strong, whose valiant deeds are excellent and whose secret course of action is only know by Shri Jankinath (a title of Ram, the husband of Janki)||4||

Gandharvas Sing the Glories of Lord Ram

Glory be to Bharat ji who maimed the arrogance of gandharvas (heavenly minstrels or musicians) on the battlefield and made them singers of the glorious tales of Shri Ram, once again.

Shri Bharat is a Condensed Cloud for Mandavi who Longs for Him Like the Pied Cuckoo

The one who is the colour of a fresh cloud for the chatak (the pied cuckoo or papiha supposed to live only on rain-drops, esp those falling in the autumn asterism svati) of the heart of Mandavi. Tulsdias has taken the shelter of such a Bharat ji who grants such immense protection||5||

*Suryavanshis: a dynasty devoted to the feet of the Sun God, Rama was the 67th king of this dynasty.

*Lokpalas: deities presiding over a region of the universe. Indra is Lord of heaven or svaragloka, Kubera is regarded as regent of the north.

*Chitrakoot: the spot where Bharata is said to have met Rama to persuade him to return to the throne of Ayodhya.

*Hanumana wounded by Shri Bharata: A trace of ego was detected by Shri Bharat in Hanuman when he was flying over Ayodhya, carrying the medicinal hill. At this point of time, Hanumana seemed like a demon to Bharata and therefore He had to strike him unconscious with an arrow, for the protection of Ayodhya.

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