Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fifteenth Shloka

avyaja-mashjula-mukhambuja-mugdha-bhavair - 
akridatam aruna-pada-saroruhabhyam -   
ardre madiya-hridaye bhuvanardram ojah 
Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Relishes Playing the Flute

May Lord Krishna who relishes the delight of His flute play along with the emotions which appear on His naturally lovely lotus face, Krishna (the repository of light) who immerses the three worlds in bliss, forever sport with His reddish lotus feet in my heart sprinkled with rasa (feeling).

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Lovely Lotus Face of Krishna is Ineffably Beautiful

The One whose lotus face is instinctively lovely and is endowed with innately passionate beauty without any embellishments. This lotus face is ineffably beautiful also because of being honestly sincere. God does not have any selfish desire; He longs for the happiness of His loving devotees. There is natural love, compassion and generosity in this form of Krishna thus His face is so lovely to look at. The swelling emotions rising in His inner core are making His lotus face more and more enchanting. The mannerisms, flirtatious sidelong glance and romantic dalliances seem to be this lotus face's nectar and fragrance.

Clusters of Gopis are Passionately Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

Lord Krishna Himself relishes the melodious sound of the flute thriving on His face and  the clusters of gopis, His beloveds, also savour the flute play. What indications and messages is Krishna giving to the vanshi (flute) His dear sakhi, in her ear canals and for who all? Tasting this mysterious secret, He gets fascinated Himself.

Krishna Adulates Shri Radha Seated Amidst Her Sakhis

You never know, Shri Kishori resplendent amongst Her sakhis may be giving an indication of some new amorous play with the sweetness of Her beauty. Gazing at Her intoxication laden eyes Krishna's face  scented by the nectar of Her captivating loving lotus face, becomes more heart-stealing and fascinating. Memories of the past tug Him when Krishna plays the flute and remembering the merry frolicking with His beloveds, He becomes further engrossed.

The Lotus Feet of Krishna Dally in Vrindavan

His red-hued lotus feet dance stately, tap in joyous abandon and play to the  melodious sound of His own flute play. One does not have an inkling of the numerous different romantic dalliances which would have sprung forth from these reddish lotus feet. The hearts of His beloveds adoring his beauteous form in front, t have also been smitten as if His fickle feet are dancing in joyous abandon just to enchant and passionately draw His beloveds.

Developing the Gopi Bhava, Shri Lilashuka Longs for Krishna to Frolic in His Heart

Shri Lilashuk ardently longs for these same lotus feet to flash forth-the lotus feet which roam and romantically dally in kunjas-nikunjas and banks of the Yamuna in Vrindavan. May the same ardent Supreme Being who charms the world and makes it smitten by a tiny particle of His moist love, the same glorious form of Lord Krishna playfully frolic in my heart with the supremely tender smooth soles of His feet. So that even my unfeeling heart is enamoured by them and becomes sentimental.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

kitana sunder bhav hai Unke mann ka
iss shloka mei apni hi ada per fida hain.
Pictures are really match the feelings.Very beautiful!!
Hum sub par aisi hi kripa bani rahe.
thank you !