Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st and 2nd Verses of Shri Shiv Tandava Stotram

1st Verse

Jatatavee galjjalapravah pavitasthale

Galeavalambya lamhitan bhujanga tunga malikam |

IDamaddamaddamaddamaddamanninadavadda marvayam

Chakar Chand tandavam tanotu nah Shivah Shivam ||1||

May the one who has purified his throat region by waters of the Bhagwati Bhagirathi (a title of the river Ganges supposed to have been brought down to earth by King Bhagirath) flowing from the forest of his powerful matted locks, and is wearing garlands of cobras, the longest venomous snakes. May Lord Shankar who did the fearsome tandava while playing the damroo (a small drum having playing surfaces at both ends and its narrow middle part can be held in the hand) give us moksha or release us from the bondage of endless rebirth.

2nd Verse

Jatakatah sambhram-bhramanni-limp nirjhari -

Vilol veechi vallari virajman moordhani |

Dhagaddhagadhagajjawallat pattapavake

Kishore Chandrashekhare ratih pratikshnan mum ||2||

Where the frolicking waves of Bhagwati Janhavee (daughter of Jahnu,a title of river Ganges) are surging on the head of Lord Shankar as they roam in the cauldron of his matted locks and the kindled flames of fire are blazing on his forehead. May my love for such a Lord Shiva whose head is adorned with the crescent moon, be constant every moment.

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