Saturday, January 16, 2016

'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Ninety-fifth shloka

ke 'yam kantih keshava tvan mukendoh
'yam veshah kapi vacam abhumih
'yam so 'yam svadatam ashjalis te
bhuyo bhuyashas tvam namami ||95||

Simple Meaning:

The Glow of Keshava's Moonlike Face

O Keshava! What is this extraordinary bright glow of Your moonlike face? This appearance of Yours, which is beyond description? Let that glow and that appearance be relished by You. I simply bow before You with hollowed hands joined together, again and again, and yet again.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna's Locks Tied into a Topknot

This bright glow of Your moonlike face, with your curly locks tied into a topknot, is so unprecedented, and beyond description. I am incapable of even relishing it. Therefore let the glow and sweetness of this form of Yours be relished by You.

Krishna Charmed by His own Reflection

It is said that at once Krishna, looked into a jewel pillar and saw His own reflection. Dark-hued Krishna became intoxicated with madness, on seeing His own beauty. Struck with wonderment He raved,"This is my own ineffable beauty. What is so astonishing if mere mortals become enchanted with this form of mine?"

Some rasika saint has desired:

kab nirkhaun yeh roop manohar |
shyamal sukhkar man parmodkar ||

Millions of Cupids are Mesmerized by Krishna's Beauty

"How is this lustrous form to look at. It seems as if millions of cupids are vanquished and dumbfounded by this beauty of His. A mere drop of Krishna, the everlasting mine of all beauty, is enough to make one become rapturous. Then what to talk about those who constantly relish the potion of Krishna's beauty. Obviously at times and in deep thought at other times, every fiber of their being is steeped in that sweetness of His ('Lila Rasa Tarangini') 

Krishna's Beauty Can be Relished by His Devotees

Shri Billavmangalji tells Krishna that You very well know that this glow and appearance of Yours are such that they can only be relished by Your loving devotees.
A short while ago he was anxiously eager and longing to have Krishna's darshan and behold Him. Dejected on having to bear the anguish of separation for a mere moment, Billavmangalji is ecstatic and elated now on seeing Krishna in front.

Keshava Appears Before Billavmangalji

O Keshava! Hearing my timid entreaty You have appeared in front of me and are gleaming. How sweet and intoxicating is the glow of Your moonlike face! O incarnate form of my spiritual eyes! May you forever keep smiling like this in front of me.

Lord Krishna Wearing a Turban

Your appearance is  so extraordinary! The tilaka marking Your forehead, the nectarine beauty of Your moonlike face, palm lines, the careless folds of turban wrapped around Your head, which look so majestically beautiful.

The glow of your moonlike face is so heart stealing. The sweetness of Your glowing smile, the sweet fragrance cascading from Your gentle smile, the lustre of rows of teeth sparkling amidst Your parted red lips is so enchanting.

 A Rounded Tilak Marks Krishna's Forehead

Oh! This heart stealing appearance of Yours. Who will not be enchanted! The yellow sash fluttering on Your shoulder blades, the rounded tilak marking your forehead, bright bluish cheeks, bow-like eyebrows, the nectarine stream of love flowing from Your glance, bracelets adorning Your lotus wrists,tinkling anklets around Your feet, Your gait like an intoxicating elephant.

Shri Jaidev says in the 'Gita Govinda:'

'rati sukha sare gatamabhisare madana manohara vesam
nakuru nitambini gamana vilambananusara tarn hrdayesam |'

"O young sakhi with voluptuous hips, Krsna is waiting in the appointed meeting place, which is a perfect setting for lovemaking. Go and intently look at that enchanting form of the Supreme Lover. He is dressed in the most fascinating attire, exactly like the god of sensuality. Go and meet the darling of your heart at once. You should not delay any longer.”