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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' One hundred and Fourth Shloka

premadam ca me kamadam ca me , 
vedanam ca me vaibhavam ca me | 
jivanam ca me jivitam ca me , 
daivatam ca me deva na 'param ||104||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna, the Worshipful Deity

O Lord! You alone are my worshipful Deity. There' s nobody else for me. You are the giver of love, the fulfiller of desires. You alone are the giver of knowledge, my power and wealth, my life force, my very life.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 Raslila Vihari Krishna

Dark-hued Krishna, sporting with gopis in the Rasa Lila, is addressed as the harbinger of good fortune in the three worlds in the previous shloka. Here Billavmangal ji is calling that very form of Krishna as His sole means and end.

 Rasik Shekhar Svarupa of Krishna

O Lord, engrossed in the Rasa Lila, You alone are my isht dev, my favourite deity. Truly worthy of being served with religious devotion, the sole site of refuge. This sweet romantic dalliance of Yours is my treasured wish. By propitiating You, everybody's service and worship is brought to a successful conclusion. You are all that I have. I have no other favourite deity apart from this youthful Rasik Shekhar svarupa of Yours!

Krishna, the Darling Son of Nanda & Yashoda

premadam ca
 You are the embodiment of prema, bestowing love on living beings. You granted love to Shri Nand and Yashoda in your Lila Vihari form, delighted and welcomed gopas and gopis with Your divine prema. The trees and creepers, birds and animals, all of them have been gratified on receiving this love, they have been thrilled. Your are the distributor of selfless prema.

 Shri Rasa Panchadhyayi

kamadam ca me\
You are the fulfiller of all our desires, yearnings and longings. On being associated with You, even primary lust is called love.
It has been stated in the Rasa Panchadhyayi:
kāmaṁ krodhaṁ bhayaṁ sneham aikyaṁ sauhṛdam eva ca
nityaṁ harau vidadhato yānti tan-mayatāṁ hi te
Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (10.29.15) 
The word kāma means lusty desire, bhaya means fear, and krodha means anger. If one approaches Kṛṣṇa, his life becomes successful somehow or the other. The gopīs approach Kṛṣṇa with passionate desire which appears like mundane lust but is the zenith of spiritual awareness in actuality. All our doshas that is flaws become virtues when we offer them to Krishna.

 The Pathos of Longing for Krishna

Shri Billavmangal ji says that the Supreme Lover is responsible for the pain in his heart, the pathos of longing and the joy of belonging arise out of pure love for Krishna.
"You bestow the anguish of separation from You. Even the pathos one experiences before meeting You is sweet. Everything about You is sweet."

  Krishna Knows the True Nature of Our Being

vedanam ca
You are the one who knows the real nature of my being, with which one can attain You.

vaibhavam ca me
You are my power, my wealth. Bestowing the wealth of prema, You are the sole essence of my existence.
I do not want worldly wealth. Your youth, ineffable beauty,charm, your passionate glance, they are my might, grant them to me, adorn me with this wealth. May I be drenched with Your love, and intoxicated by Your beauteous form. You are the wealth of my knowledge and bhakti, delight me by these attributes of Yours.

 Krishna, the Very Essence of My Life

jivanam ca me
You are the very essence of my life, my vital force. My heart beats because of You. You are the basis of my life. You are the treasure trove of my great good fortune. 

 Ras Khan, the Poet Devotee of Lord Krishna

'pran vahi ju rahain rijhi vapar, roop vahi jihin vahi rijhayo.

bain vahi unakau gun gai, au kan vahi un bain son sani.

hath vahi un gat sarain, aru pai vahi ju vahi anujani

jan vahi un pranake sng, au man vahi ju karai manamani.

tyon rasakhani vahi rasakhani, ju hai rasakhani, so hai rasakhani॥'

It roughly translates as:
'Your vitality is real when God is pleased with it. Words which sing His glorious praises, ears which listen to these words.

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