Friday, May 9, 2008

Pearl 16


Lord Shiva is portrayed as the most easily pleased deity. Shukhdevji claims that lord Balarama is a religious performer of Vedic sacrifices.

Chapter 76, verse 5: Lord Shiva is the most liberal Deity and gets propiated very soon. “The great Lord Umapati is known as ‘He who is quickly pleased’, yet only at the end of a year did he gratify Salva who had approached him for shelter, by offering him a choice of benedictions.”

Chaoter 76, verse 32: The role of a charioteer and a warrior is mutual; they should save each others lives. “The driver replied: O long-lived one, I have done this knowing full well my prescribed duty. O my Lord, the chariot driver must protect the master of the chariot when he is in danger and the master must also protect his driver.” In his role as a charioteer Balramji can be likened to Laxmanji in the epic ‘Ramayana.” The charioteer pacifies a dismayed Pradyumna, son of Lord Krishna whom he has saved from the battle field.

Chapter 79, Verse 30: All Yagnas are depicted as a true quotient of Lord Balramji Himself. “Later Lord Balarama returned to Naimiṣāraṇya, where the sages joyfully engaged Him, the embodiment of all sacrifice, in performing various kinds of Vedic sacrifice. Lord Balarama was now retired from warfare.”

Chapter 79, verses 33-34: Mahatma Shukdevji is ecstatic, he declares, "Parikshit, almighty Bhagwan Sri Balramji is the Infinite Lord Himself. His nature is incomprehensible. He had assumed a human semblance simply out of sport (LEELA). His exploits are indeed innumerable. He, who contemplates on the wonderful deeds of the Infinite , all -pervading Balramji, both morning and evening , becomes the most beloved of Lord Sri Krishna. Countless other such pastimes were performed by mighty Balarama the unlimited and immeasurable Supreme Lord, whose mystic Yogamaya power makes Him appear to be a human being.”

Summing up the glories of Lord Balrama, Shikdevji affirms that anyone who religiously remembers His activities at dawn and dusk will surely become very dear to Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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