Thursday, November 28, 2013

'Shri Krishnakarnamrita:' Fifty-fifth Shloka

tat kaishoram tac ca vaktraravindam , 
tat karunyam te ca lila-katakshah | 
tat saundaryam sa ca manda-smita-shrih , 
satyam satyam durlabham daivate 'pi ||55||

Simple Meaning

The Beautiful Adolescence of Lord Krishna
It would truly be difficult to find such sweet adolescence, such a lotus face, such loving compassion, such a capricious sidelong glance, such ineffable beauty, such a lovely mild smile as Lord Krishna's even in the devas or gods.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Ineffable Beauty of Krishna
In the earlier shoka the composer was relishing the sweet form of Lord Krishna. His beauteous form and charm is enchanting Billavmangalji even further. Plunging to relish the form of Krishna, Billavmangalji is delighted and raves that dark-hued Krishna's adolescence, lotus face,His compassion that graceful sidelong glance, that ineffable beauty, that intoxicating sweet simle, that radiance is tough to find even in devas.

How is this adolescent form of blue-hued Krishna?It is a form, from which the simplicity of young childhood merges with youthfulness, peeps through. The prominence of youth is somewhat apparent, He is sort of lost in thought, some astonished-fascination, new seeds of passionate Kamdev are exploding in every limb of Krishna's, an ardent longing pervades His eyes.

Navtarunya nivesh madhurya, mohan divya kishoram:

One sakhi says to another,”...At least, have the divine glimpse of this new Kishore who is adorned with adolescence. Such heart-stealing, intoxicating fresh youthfulness is bloooming in Him. O,just look! His newly sprouted sweet youthfulness decorated with young childhood is intoxicating like the auspicious arrival of spring.The sidelong glance cascading from his huge eyes and the sweet smile seated on His tender lips, the thrill of every limb of His.

Krishna, the Supreme Lover
"Ah! Such ineffable beauty is gleaming from every limb of Krishna's. The entry of this fresh adolescence... delights and churns His limbs, the upsurge of some irrepressible longing for rasa, the intermittent thrill of rapture in His arms, the serious capriciousness of both His lips, the glimpse of ardent longing to relish rasa in His eyes, blush of love apparent on His cheeks, the tilt of His neck, the angular curve of His arched eyebrows.Ah! The quiet entry of adolescence attended by youth, steps into every limb of His! Sakhis how is this ecstatic age of His, loaded with rasa.

Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj says” Ah!Yes that very same youthfulness in whose coolness my heart, soul and eyes pllunge into and relish over and over again, but they are still dissatisfied.Where else can we possibly find such youtfulness.Where else can the cool, affectionate, delightful, fragrant lotus face whose fragrance and nectarous quality have made me insane, be found?”

A Gopi Moves in Delicious Anguish to Krishna's Side
Morever, that compassion of His! Not the one which is showered on the needy and those who are suffering. Ah! That compassion which become a unique sweetness on His lotus face for His beloveds, adorns him with a glittering new spark, makes the inner core of His beloveds' hearts capricious. Yes! That same sweet, intoxicating passion, a gushing wave of the ocean of love, is it easily obtained by devas or gods?No,no where do those poor beggars have that compassion steeped in love? Their compassion is just restricted to the needy and wretched, and for those who seek refuge in them. But it is not possible to find the powerful blastlike compassion of this Surpeme Lover's compassion-affection anywhere else? Besides, on seeing the sidelong glance in the compassion cascading from that blooming lotus face steeped in sweet youthfulness, who can remain in his senses?

Getting those loveladen signals which maiden will remain bound by highly restrictive social constraints?Above all, the ineffable beauty of that slight smile playing on Krishna's beautiful dark-hued lotus face, adorned with a sidelong glance.

Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva
 How is the radiant beauty of that dark-hued form? However much you may drink, even if every fiber of our heart, soul and eyes drinks it constantly, our thirst is not quenched. And has anyone ever seen such beauty anywhere?And in the lotus face blooming in that lake of beauty, that slight smile, the capricious waves of that intoxicating smile, and hundreds of His ardent entreaties peeping from the densified smile's exquisite beauty,Ah! All this is difficult to find not only in the devas but also in the tridevas or Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh!

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Every word which explains His fresh
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