Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 6th shloka



Kada karishyaseeh maan kripakatakshabhajnam.

Shri Radha, the svamini or devotional ideal encapsulates the idea of shrinagara devotion that propels Vaishnava bhakti. Her perspectives, thoughts, voice and mannerisms are not only of her relationship with Krishna but equally those of other sakhis, gopas and the denizens of Braj. Constantly self-assured, her blissful energy is priceless due to her dignified persona.

Even if Shri Radhika is longing for a romantic relish and bestow love, she handles the situation with calm resoluteness. Her patience arouses the supreme lover's restlessness. Krishna relieves the pangs and is calmed himself in the process. Soon after, keen to view the ardent longing of his beloved, mischievously he compels her to be offended.

She sulks...apparently seeming composed but restlessness tugs her heart strings within...Very well aware of the mazes of love, Krishna adulates her with a forlorn face...moving her with humble entreaties. His dejection and sullen majesty make Shri Radha pine for him and instantly her calm transforms into an exquisite desire for a new love-sport.

Shri Radha encapsulates the complete majesty of love-play. The bright moon of love scatters its passionate moonbeams constantly, making her blissful energy sparkle and seeing his reflection in her lustrous inner realm, the supreme lover, figures out a new romantic dalliance. Soon enough making Radha restless, Krishna calmly relishes the escapade himself. All tender delightful emotions are said to arise in the elusive fields, forests and streams of the heart.

How very affectionate is the beloved's dallying ground! Glowing like golden water pots (gold has always been considered pure-similarly Shri Radha's bosom is the repository of constantly pristine love rays) well formed and smoothly healthy is her bosom like a she elephant's.

Merely by reflection, devotees attain her eternal compassion, which bestows the right to savour the love of Krishna, the supreme lover. The gentle laughter of her lovingly tender countenance is an ocean of delight... The heights of her joyous abandon can not be weighed or counted or even imagined.

Even so Radha's fragmented laughter is constantly cradled like a secretive treasure trove in the darling son of Nanda, Krishna, the delightful wealth of our lives. Laughter has been termed dust because it is endowed with minuteness...introducing love's significance; wherein hundreds of sentiments are gathered...mannerisms and amusing romantic escapades are encompassed.

With its assistance love and delight reach the heights of elation and ecstasy; rasikas have reached the deeper ecstasies of devotion by attaining a small chain of her laughter's glory.

The humble composer of Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra makes a meek prayer, 'Adorned with the entire gamut of mannerisms, epitome of patience, an affectionate and largehearted bosom, endowed with a slight laugh: Oh Svamini the charming conferrer of the ocean of joy! Beloved of Krishna! The compassionate one! When will you be moved and chose us as worthy recipients of the grace of your side-long glance?'

Sometime those days will arrive when gathering our distress in the moments of expectancy, we turn eagerly desirous for once. May the conferrer of compassion, Shri Radhika, bequeath her mercy on us so that we attain a fragment of delight from the treasure trove of joy.

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