Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 105

Raag Dhanaasree

Shri Ram

ablaaun nasaanee, ab na nasaaihaaun |

raam-kripaa bhav-nisaa siraanee, jaage phiri na ddasaaihaaun ||1||

paayeun naam chaaru chintaamani, ur kar tein na khasaaihaaun |

syaamroop suchi ruchir kasaautee, chit kanchnahin kasaaihaaun ||2||

parbas jaani hansyo in indrin, nij bas havaai na hansaaihaaun |

man madhukar pankaai tulsee raghupati-pad-kamal basaaihaaun ||3||

The Illusory Night of This Material World

This (span of life has been uselessly) ruined till now, but I will not let it be doomed from now onwards.By the grace of Shri Ram the night of this material world has passed,(I have woken up from the illusory night of this mundane world). On awakening I am not going to lay out the bedding (of maya or delusion as to the supposed reality of the world and be ensnared by its noose, once more)||1||

The Chintamani of Shri Ram Naam

Having found the beautiful *chintamani of Shri Ram Naam, I will never let it drop down from the hand of my heart. Or I will keep doing *smarana of the name of Shri Ram with my heart and do japa or chant the name of Shri Ram with a *mala.

Dark-hued Shri Raghunath ji

Making the beautifully pure, dark-hued form of Shri Raghunath ji a touchstone, I will assay the wealth of my mind. Or in other words I will observe whether my mind is constantly and forever absorbed in meditating upon Shri Ram or not ||2||

Goswami Tulsidas Steeped in the Love of Shri Ram

As long as I was controlled by the *senses, they (made me dance according to their tune) and made a great mockery of me, but now on being freed from them that is on triumphing over the mind plus senses, I will not let myself be ridiculed by them. I am going to take a vow now and focus the capricious black bee of my mind on the lotus feet of Shri Ram. Or in other words I am not going to let my mind flit anywhere else apart from Shri Ram's feet.

Chintamani : a supposed jewel granting its possessor all desires

smarana : religiously contemplating

*mala : Vaishnava rosary

Senses: 5 karm indriyan or senses,feet, anus, penis, mouth, hands

5 gyan indriyan or senses, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin

4 suksham indriyan or sensorium, mind, intellect, memory, action

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