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Chapter 34: Ushaji Longs for Darshan of Vrishbhanupur, Divine Perception of Two Sakhis, Rare Persona

Who can possibly state the good fortune of Vrishbhanupur? Shri Radha, the hladini shakti or blissful energy of handsome Krishna is eternally resplendent here and suffuses her madhuri or sweetness. Steeped in the lilas of Priyaji, the place is praiseworthy the world over and revered by Krishna, the dark god, simultaneously.

On attaining the grace of Radha's sidelong glance, handsome Krishna becomes easily attainable. An intense desire to have darshan of Shri Vrishbhanupur where Radha Rani forever dwells tugged at Bobo's heart strings. She was maun or had taken a vow of silence. Going to the personal palace of Shriji, Gahar Van,Sankari Khor, Daan Garh and Maan Garh, Bobo relished the joyous abandon of divine plays which had occurred earlier and at present.

Darshan of Two Sakhis

It was her practice of going for darshan to Shriji and she went alone today. Having a glimpse of Radha Rani above, she spotted seclusion in the backside stairs and sat down. Evening was eagerly waiting for sunset to diffuse its darkness. Squatting there, Bobo adulated the unparalleled grandeur of Unchagaon, the site of Shri Lalitaji and Rithaura Gram of Shri Chandravaliji. It had become increasingly dark and she turned around to look back.

Two Braj maidens, at the most twelve years old, stood right next to a tree. Their dress up and appearance was absolutely plain. The duo's warbling tone and serenity ascertained that they did not belong to the mundane. And were apparently pre-pubescent, an age of innocence and emotional intensity.

Being maun Bobo sat silently but sportively turning her gaze, she greeted them. The maidens laughed heartily. One of them asked, "Where do you live?" Bobo pointed to with her finger to express herself. The second instantly affirmed," Yes! She stays in Vrindavan.' Bobo nodded in assent. Again the first one asked what did she do there? Bobo shook her hand to imply nothing. Before she could finish the second sakhi confirmed that she did bhajan.

Waving Bobo explained that she did not have a mala (a Vaishnava rosary). Both of them said in unison that those who take God's name with every breath are not aware that they do so. Just as we are not conscious of breathing."

Hearing their profound statements Bobo was certain that they were not ordinary. One of the sakhis asked," Are you married?" Pointing at her face ,Bobo explained that she was not because of having such an appearance? The second replied,"Everyone manages somehow." The first one pitched in instantly," You did not marry since you had to sing songs of a devotional nature. You are wedded to the handsome Krishna." Bobo laughed.

One of them questioned about her family members. The second gave an answer," She has a brother and a nephew." The first one intervened," How did they manage the expenses?" Bobo indicated by begging for alms. The second suggested," The brother coupled with the nephew must be sending money."

Bobo asked with a gesture where the two of them lived. Both of them quipped," We stay right here." A sportive omniscience pervaded this sequence of questions and answers. Bobo pondered about their all knowing mindsets-and both the young girls left.

Bobo also got up to leave. On turning around she saw there was nobody. Becoming curious, she frantically looked around but those young maidens were not to be seen. They had vanished. Bobo assumed that they were Shri Radha's sakhis who had been sent due to her infinite grace and affection.This awareness made Bobo ecstatic.

We have mentioned earlier that Bobo would go into isolation in the afternoon and this practice continued in Barsana. Today was the enactment of matki lila (earthen pot) through the course of Sankari Khor. Taking a pot of yoghurt, Priyaji would tread through Sankari Khor and go to Barsana via Chaksauli.

The son of Nanda along with his sakhas would be hiding there beforehand for the exaction of tribute from the herdgirls of Braj as they go to market for selling their stuff. The daan lila is organized with the same sentiment every year and all Braj bhaktas consider it to be incarnate.

Bobo also saw a vision in seclusion,

"Along with her sakhis Priyaji with a matki (earthen pot) posited on her head is coming from Sankari Khor. It is very pleasant with a faint sunshine. On the uneven track of that narrow lane she steps on one boulder after another. To keep her balance intact she bends over fully at times-the horde of sakhis follows her. At this end the handsome Shyam along with his sakhas hides in the cluster of trees on her right. When Priyaji reaches the centre, the dark god speedily accosts her. This teasing interlude transforms into a charming dispute.

He demands milk and curd but she walks ahead on the pretext of not giving in. Precisely then in his impassioned state, the handsome Shyam loots gauras (milk, yoghurt and buttermilk). The handsome god like other Braj denizens gathers the broken matki's remains. Priyaji standing above watches him. Both look at each other with a mysterious smile playing on their lotus faces."

Bobo saw the playful dalliance and reached the highest ideal of religious rapture. Her sentiments abounding with sensitive perceptions could be sensed by the common people as well.

It is essential for the mind to be grasping when Bobo states the matter of Radha-Krishna's enraptured state and their shringara rasa.

" I can narrate the shringar rasa but it can be seen only by the supreme lover's grace. If he blesses us, the adorned yugal or Radha-Krishna can be viewed by a concentrated internal practice of imaginative recollection. Krishna is omniscient, present in every particle and the terrifying rush of his love constantly invades the hearts of his loving devotees. The captivating lover incarnates and tends to the sentiments of his devotees.

Talk of shringara bhakti, a certain spirituality that can only arise from indulging in love, is not possible without Krishna.

These enraptured cowherdesses are the nayikas or the romantic heroines who lost out to Krishna, the nayaka or the prototypical romantic hero and were looted. Even the knowledge that the object of their desire was as capricious as the inconstant bee did not restrain them.

Shringara bhakti is suffused with madhurya and is emotionally evocative and serenely spiritual and thus it bridges not only the romantic and the devotional but also the sacred and the secular.

At a distance some sakhis peeping from a creeper thicket, saw daily lightning embedded in the frivolous acts of a dark cloud. One of them regained her composure and burst out," You are certainly insane to be comparing our Krishna, the colour of the condensed sky, and Kishoriji lodged in his heart with

nature's cloud and lightning. Hey this crazed yugal or sacred couple violate all societal constraints and their amorous frolics have no respite!"

Who can construe the depth of Bobo's mindset absorbed in the eternal closeness of Priya-Priyatam. Her life revolved around seeing Radha-Krishna united and joyous in love and she took refuge in the supreme lover.

Madhurya was her key to understanding and celebrating the love of Radha and Krishna and in doing so get a glimpse of her own transcendental self. For in the serenity of the self as madhurya translated into ananda came the realization that everyone is ultimately a nayika searching for Krishna.

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