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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XXXIV

Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lover

The lustre of Manohar Baba's face was intact even in such a critical condition. Divinity was dripping from his eyes. Whosoever he would look at by casting a glance became elated. Sitting in the courtyard for roughly an hour, Baba kept smiling at the delightful thought of meeting Lord Krishna, his supreme lover (Dark-hued Krishna is conceptualised as the ardent but often faithless lover of the love-struck soul.) He was absorbed and ecstatic inwardly and it was painful for him to step out of this state of religious rapture.

Meanwhile it was time for the evening sankirtan when padas (verses of devotional poetry) were sung daily. Honourable Shri Anand Shukla sang the verses which were dear to Baba in a very melodious voice. And hearing them Manohar Baba was carried away emotionally.

On 2nd September, 2009 the entire courtyard of Venu Vinod Kunj was thronging with visitors who had come for Baba's darshan. And no one had any intention of budging from there.

Manohar Baba, the Svarupa of Balkrishan Das ji Maharaj

To all his loving devotees Baba seemed the svarupa or living presence of highly revered Shri Maharaj ji. It appeared as if revered Balkrishan Das ji Maharaj and Baba were in essence a single entity.

At around 11 o' clock in the afternoon when Venu Vinod Kunj was very crowded, Baba asked why so many people were gathered there. Revered Devi ji answered, “Baba! It is time for the bhoga to be distributed that is why everyone has come to take the prasad (remnants of food offered to an deity.)” Baba answered, “ It is fine. Make sure that the prasad is quickly given to everyone and take me out of the room as well.”

Manohar Baba in the Courtyard of Venu Vinod Kunj

Subsequently Baba was made to sit in a chair amidst everyone in the courtyard. With great difficulty Baba would open his eyes and cast a glance on everyone, and then he would close his eyes and smile. Actually speaking he was greatly joyous on watching his lovable followers being fed.

When everyone had got prasad Baba asked that his mouth be rinsed and his hands washed. Amazed, the devotees asked, “ Baba you have not had a morsel of food so why are you getting your hands washed?” Baba persisted once more, “Haven't I told you to get them washed!” It appeared that he had relished the meal and was satisfied on having his close ones fed. Whereas he had given up having cereals for the past so many days. A little later on revered Devi ji's constant insistence Baba went to his room and drank some milk.

At night revered Devi ji coaxed Baba, “Kindly narrate some good legend to us. A faint smile spread across Baba's face. He recited that shloka which Bhisham Pitamah lying on the bed of arrows had chanted while adulating the beauty of Lord Krishna sitting in front of him:

Tribhuvan kaman tamaal varanh ravikar gaurvraambar dadhaane |

vapuralkakulaavritaannaabaj vijayasakhe ratirastu menvadhya ||

(Shrimad Bhagavat 1.9.32)

Bhisham Pitamah Adulating Lord Krishna

Actually speaking Baba was meditating upon Lord Krishna's madhur lilas or playful dalliance which become Him most of all. He was completely steeped in relishing the rasa of dark-hued Krishna's divine play. Baba wanted to explain through this shloka that his state was identical to that of Bhisham Pitamah who lay on a bed of arrows and was absorbed in reflecting upon Lord Krishna.

Dark-Hued Krishna

Manohar Baba's physical suffering was so intense that it was no less than lying on a spread of arrows but dark-hued Krishna, the reservoir of religious rapture, fluttered radiantly in front of him.

Manohar Baba with Shri Albeli Sharan ji

There is another example which showcases Baba's absorption in the ecstasy of Krishna. At 11 o'clock in the morning of 2nd September, Baba Albeli Sharan ji took the Mahant ji of Thakur Gorelal ji's Kunj to Venu Vinod Kunj for seeing Baba. Mahant ji sat on a chair supported by Baba's wooden bed. Soon after Baba asked, “ Why did you come in such scorching sun.” Mahant ji replied, “Baba we have come to have your darshan.” Sitting in a joyously serious posture, Baba continued smiling. Cleverly Mahant ji managed to ask, “Baba! You must be in your parikar (inner circle of devotees)?”

Instantly on hearing this remark Baba became thoughtful and an ecstatic lustre lit up his face. He responded, “ Where is the doubt in this fact?”

Lord Krishna's Romantic Dalliance

At this statement Mahant ji and Baba Albeli Sharan ji were delighted to know that Baba was steeped in the realm of Lord Krishna's romantic dalliance.

Another incidence happened on 3rd September when Baba Albeli Sharan ji came to look up Baba. After sitting outside for a very long time he got up and respectfully bowing before Baba from the door itself, walked out. Dr.Chandresh had made Baba sit up and was taking out the oxygen tube from his nose, at that point of time. Baba said, “Go and call Albeli.” Dr. Chandresh went and got Baba Albeli Sharan ji. Thereafter leaning against the wooden bed, Baba Albeli Sharan sat down. Dr. Chandresh informed, “ Baba has come! Why did you call him?”

Manohar Baba replied, “ How come I asked for him! It was for darshan.” With folded hands Baba Albeli Sharan ji was astonished at Baba's saintly implicit belief in the Divine. Soon after, looking into Baba Albeli Sharan ji's eyes, Baba exulted, “One should not step out of this spiritual realm because the mundane world is full of grief.” He repeated this sentence twice.

The Realm of Lord Krishna's Nikunja

Hearing this remark Baba Albeli Sharan ji was content that Baba had reached the heights of elation and ecstasy in the nikunja of Krishna.

When he was staying in the room upstairs Baba once woke up all of a sudden from his sleep. At that point of time Pundit Rajesh Tiwari of Maheshwar was attending to his needs. On an indication from Baba he made him get up and sit. Soon after Baba enthused, “ Astonishing, astonishing! This electricity is amazing. The fan is striking.This oxygen machine is astonishing and these 31 hours are truly astonishing.”

Pundit Rajesh Tiwari quizzed, “ What is so astonishing about these thirty-six hours?” Soon enough Baba responded, “ Your Baba's battle in this material world is to last for another 31 hours.” This statement of his proved to be literally true after 31 hours had lapsed.

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