Monday, October 11, 2010

Navratras: Skanda Mata is Worshipped on the Fifth Navratra

Skanda Mata

Skanda Mata, the Fifth Durga

Skanda Mata is the fifth name of Ma Durga.She blesses the world with the gift of differentiation and discrimination of right from wrong.Riding a lion, Her chosen vehicle, She holds Her son Skanda on her lap. Skanda Mata is endowed with three eyes and four hands; two hands holds lotuses while the other two display the defending and granting mudras, respectively.The Shakti is a deity of fire. White-hued she is called Padmasana since she is seated on a lotus.

Skanda or Kartikeya

The daughter of Himalaya,She got married to Lord Shiva after observing penance. Soon after, She had a son named Skanda or Kartikeya who was chosen by the gods as their commander, when they warred with the demons.The Puranas sing of His glory and he is referred to as Kumara and Saktidhar.He is often called Mayuravahana since the peacock is His vehicle.

Visuddha Chakra, Centred in the Throat

It is said that by the grace of Skanda Mata even a fool transforms into an ocean of knowledge.The aspirant's mind reaches the Visuddha Chakra and is posited there on this day. Therefore all his internal and external actions stop completely and his mindset devoid of worldly thoughts is calm like an ocean without waves. The devotee advances towards the state of pure consciousness.Being absolutely absorbed in meditating upon Ma Padmasana, he needs to tread with utmost caution on the path of his sadhana.

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