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Vinay Patrika: Chitrakoot Stuti [24]

Raag Kaanhara

Chitrakoot Dhaam

Ab chit cheti-chitrakoothi chalu |

kopit kali, lopit mangal magu, bilsat badhat moh-maya-malu ||1||

bhoomi biloku ram-pad-ankit, ban biloku raghubar-bihaarthalu |

saail-sring bhavbhang-hetu lakhu, dalan kapat-paakhand-dambh-dalu ||2||

janh janame jag-janak jagatpati, bidhi-hari-har parihari prapanch chhalu |

sakrit prabes karat jehi aasram, bigat-bishaad bhaye paarath nalu ||3||

na karu bilamb bichaaru chaarumati, barash paacchile sam agile palu |

mantra so jaai japahi, so japi bhe, ajar amar har achai halaahalu ||4||,

raamnaam-jap-jaag karat nit, majjat paya paavan peevat jalu |

karihaain raam bhaavtau mankau, sukh-saadhan, anyaas mahaaphalu ||5||

kaamdamni kaamtaa, kalpataru so jug-jug jaagat jagteetalu |

tulsi tohi biseshi boojhiye, ek prateeti-preeti ekaai balu ||6||

Lord Ram, Sita & Lakshman Spent Eleven & a Half Years of Their Exile in Chitrakoot

O heart of mine ! Becoming spiritually aware, you must set out for Chitrakoot now. Enraged Kaliyuga (the age of spiritual darkness) has made the virtuous paths of religion and dedicated devotion to God vanish; everyday moha or infatuation, maya or illusion and sins are on the increase. ||1||

Lord Ram & Sita in Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is the land marked by Lord Ram's feet. Have darshan of the forest site, where He wandered; take a look at those mountain peaks which annihilate factions of deceit, hypocrisy and pride, and are the means of being released from this worldly cycle of birth and death. ||2||

Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh Born as Dattatreya, Anasuya's Son

The land where, *Brahma, the creator of the world, Vishnu and Shiva discarded deceit and trickery,to took birth as Anasuya's sons.

Yudhishtir & the Pandavas in Exile

The very same ashram of Chitrakoot where the sorrows of Yudhishtir and the Pandavas wandering about from one forest to another after their losses in gambling, and the entire grief of *King Nala was dispelled.||3||

Chant the Mantra of Lord Ram

Do not delay in going there, as of now. Contemplate with your good sense that the years which have gone by, are the past now. The moments which are left in your life span at present, are like the bygone years. Considering each moment to be precious like every single year which has slipped by, knowing that death is ominously close, instantly go to Chitrakoot and chant that Shri Ram Mantra (incantation) because of which

Lord Shiva Drinking the Deadly Poison Kalakuta

Lord Shiva became changeless and immortal, even after drinking the deadly poison of kalakuta (when devas and asuras churned the ocean.)||4||

River Payaswini in Chitrakoot

When you will constantly do the supreme yagya (sacrificial act) of chanting Shri Ram's Name, and bathe in the holy river of Payaswini and continue drinking its waters, Lord Ram will grant your heart's desire. And due to this joyous devotion, He will easily confer the four fruits of dharma or righteousness, artha or wealth, kama or sensual pleasure and moksha or salvation on you.||5||

Mount Kamtanath

Mount Kamtanath in Chitrakoot is the chintamani (a supposed jewel granting its possessor all desires) and kalpavriksha ( one of the fabulous trees of Krishna's paradise that grants all desires) which fulfils our cherished wishes. And it brilliantly gleams on this earth for several ages to come.

Goswami Tulsidas Adulating Lord Ram & Lakshman

Generally speaking, Chitrakoot is a source of joy for everyone, but O Tulsidas! You must rely in particular, having implicit faith in the love and power of Chitrakoot.||6||

*(Sage Narada raved about Anusuya's devotion to her husband before the wives of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva making them jealous of her. They requested their husbands to reduce her pativratyam. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva went to Anusuya as guests when Atri, her husband was not at home and asked her to serve them food without wearing clothes. Anasuya prayed to her husband. Since the guests asked for alms by indirectly called her a mother. She decided to consider them her children and serve them as requested. Because of her greatness by the time she came to serve food the three gods became small children and her breasts began producing milk. She breastfed them and put them to sleep. Soon after Atri came back and hearing the story from Anasusuya praised the three gods sleeping in the cradle. They woke up in their original form and praising Anasuya's pativratyam, gave her a boon. Anasuya requested that these three should be born as her children—the incarnation of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma as Lord Dattareya.)

*(Virasena was a celebrated king of the Nishadhas. His son Nala was well-versed in the knowledge of virtue and wealth. The king was deceitfully defeated by Pushkara, and afflicted with calamity, he dwelt in the woods with his spouse Damayanti)

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