Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 120

Raag Bihag


Shri Hari

hey hari! kas na harhu bhram bhaaree |

jadyapi mrishaa satya bhaasaai jablagi nahin kripaa tumhaaree ||1||

arth abidyamaan jaaniya sansriti nahin jaai gosaaeen |

bin baandhe nij hatth satth parbas paryo keerkee naaeen ||2||

sapne byaadhi bibidh baadhaa janu mrityu upasthit aaee |

baaidh anek upaaya karaai jaage binu peer na jaaee ||3||

shruti-guru-saadhu-samriti-sanmat yah drishya asat dukhkaaree |

tehi binu taje, bhaje binu raghupati, bipati sakaai ko taaree ||4||

bahu upaaya sansaar-taran kahan, bimal giraa shruti gaavaai |

tulsidaas maain-mor gaye binu jiu sukh kabhun na paavaai ||5||

The Mundane World

O *Hare! Why don't you get rid of my grave misapprehension (regarding the truth and sensual joys of this mundane world)? Even if this material world is a delusion and is illusory, nevertheless all of this appears to be true unless one receives your grace||1||

A Caged Parrot

I am aware that the particular subjects (body-wealth-sons and so on) are not in fact a reality, but O *Svami! Despite this I am not released from this material world. Without being bound by anyone else, I am subserviently caged like a parrot due to my own infatuation.(I have been kind of tied down by my own ignorance)||2||

Spiritual Evolution

Just as someone is ridden with several diseases in his dreams, which supposedly leads to his impending death and outwardly the vaidhs keep administering many remedies, but as long as he does not wake up his pain is not alleviated.(In the same manner without awakening spiritually but getting absorbed in the delusion of maya, people are bearing several painful sufferings of this material world and undertaking futile measures to get rid of their anguish. But without knowledge of the true nature of things, one can never get rid of this sorrow.)||3||

The Vedas & Gurus

The Vedas, gurus, saints and *smritis all unanimously state that this perceptible world is illusory (and if we regard it as an imaginary State) it is a form of sorrow. Unless we renounce it and worship Shri Raghunath ji, who else has the energy which can annihilate this disaster? ||4||

Goswami Tulsidas

In a clear voice, the Vedas are telling us several measures to cross over the ocean of this mundane world, but Oh Tulsidas! A living being can never find happiness as long as 'I' plus 'mine' are not got rid of, and arrogance plus affectionate attachment are not erased||5||

Hare: refers to Harati or He who unties the knot of material desires in the hearts of living entities.

Svami: Lord

Smriti: refers to a specific body of Hindu religious scripture, and is a component of Hindu customary law.The literature which comprises the Smriti was composed after the Vedas around 500 BCE. Smriti also denotes the traditions of the rules on dharma, especially those of lawful virtuous persons.

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