Friday, May 20, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 130

Raag Bihag


Chant the Name of Shri Ram

ram ram, ram ram, ram ram, japat |

mangal-mud udit hot, kali-mal-chhal chhapat ||1||

kahu ke lahe phal rasaal, babur beej bapat |

haarhi jani janam jaaya gaal gool gapat ||2||

kaal, karam, gun, subhaau sabke sees tapat |

ram-naam-mahimaakee charcha chale chapat ||3||

saadhan binu siddhi sakal bikal log lapat |

kalijug bar banij bipul, naam-nagar khapat ||4||

naam son prateeti-preeti hriday suthir thapat |

paavan kiye raavan-ripu tulsihu-se apat ||5||

Repeatedly do Japa of Shri Ram's Name

By chanting the name of Shri Ram our auspicious well-being and ecstasy escalate, and the sins plus deceitful trickery of Kaliyuga go into hiding ||1||

The Babool Tree

Who could ever attain the mango fruit by sowing the seeds of babool? For this very reason you must not gossip in vain and ruin your (the precious life of a human being) birth.(the fruition of idle talk is certainly going to be disastrous;therefore do japa of the name of Ram which certainly leads to salvation)||2||

Singing the Glories of Shri Ram

*Kaal, karmas, gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas) and temperament-are looming over everyone's head, which means due to their impact everyone has to bear sorrow and do their karmas; but all of them are crushed as soon as singing the glories of Ram Naam begins and no adverse affect of theirs remains(for this very reason do incantation of the name of Shri Ram)||3||

The Realm of Shri Ram Naam

People are anxiously longing to attain all the siddhis (supernatural powers) without adopting any means; but when has this ever been possible? Yes the extensive business of trade & commerce and worldly possessions of Kaliyuga is exhausted in the realm of Shri Ram Naam, or in other words the horde of Kaliyuga's sins are annihilated by the majestic brilliance of the name of Shri Ram||4||

The Name of Shri Ram Purifies the Sinful

By having implicit faith and love for the Lord's name, the heart becomes quietly serene and calm. Shri Ram's name has even purified an enemy like Ravan and a sinful person like Tulsi ||5||

babool tree: the acacia tree which can produce no good result

kaal: or eventual destiny or fate

karmas: or actions with its fruits and implications of merit

gunas : three constituents of nature,sattva or goodness, rajas or passion and tamas or darkness

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