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Vinay Patrika: Shatrughan Stuti [40]

Raag Dhanaashree

Shatrughana, the Younger Brother of Lakshmana

jayati jaya shatru-kari-kesree shatruhan,

shatrutam-tuhinahar kirannketoo |

dev mahidev-mahi-dhenu-sevak sujan-

siddhi-muni-sakal-kalyaann-hetoo ||1||

jayati savaargsundar sumitraa-suvan,

bhuvan-vikhyaat-bhartaanugaamee |


shatru-sankat-samay yatprannaamee ||2||

jayati lavannaambunidhi-kumbhsambhav mahaa-

danuj-durjandavan, durithaaree |

lakshmannaanuj, bharat-raam-seetaa-charann-

rennu-bhooshit-bhaal-tilakdhaaree ||3||

jayati shrutikeerti-vallabh sudurlabh sulabh

namat narmad bhuktimuktidaataa |

daastulsee charann-sharann seedat vibho,

paahi deenaart-santaap-haataa ||4||

Shri Shatrughan Bravely Triumphs Over Enemies

Glory be to Shri Shatrughana who is like a brave lion in utterly defeating the elephants of enemies. Glory be to the one who is the veritable sun in destroying the darkness and mist of foes, the one who attends to the needs of gods, brahmans, earth and cows, and the one who brings about the well-being of virtuous people, siddhas (perfected or sanctified as by penance) and sages or ascetics ||1||

Shatrughana, the Son of Sumitra ji

I make obeisance to that Shatrughan ji, all of whose limbs are beautiful, who is the son of Sumitra ji, the one following the command of world-renowned Bharat ji; the one who is wearing an armour, sword-shield, bow-arrow and quiver, and gets rid of the sufferings which are given to us by opponents ||2||

Sage Agastya Drinking the Ocean

Glory be to Shatrughan ji who is equivalent to Agastya in crossing the ocean of *Lavanyasura, killing several powerful devious demons and expiating our sins.

Shatrughana Adulates Lord Ram & Sita, Bharat & Lakshman

He is the younger brother of Lakshman ji and applies the splendid tilak (sectarian mark) of the dust of the lotus feet of Bharat ji, Shri Ram & Sita ji, on his forehead ||3||

Shri Shatrughan Marries Shrutikirti ji

Glory be to such a Shatrughana who is the husband of Shrutikirti ji, difficult to attain by the wicked and easily attainable by those who serve him, grants us joys, bhoga or worldly pleasure and mukti or salvation, the instant we bow to him. O God!

Goswami Tulsidas

This Tulsidas is bearing sorrow even after having sought the refuge of Your feet. O Alleviator of the suffering of the needy and distressed! Protect him (that is Tulsidas)||4||

*Lavanasura: In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Lavanasura was a demon who was killed by Shatrughana, the youngest brother of Lord Rama.
Whereas the story about Agastya goes that once the Kalakeyas (a clan of Asuras) had taken refuge in the Cosmic Ocean, so that it was difficult for the Devas to vanquish them, due to which they went to Sage Agastya for help. After hearing the Devas, the sage drank the entire ocean water and held it within him, until the demons were destroyed.

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