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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-sixth Shloka

karau sharadijambuja-krama-vilasa-shiksha-gurau ,   
padau vibudha-padapa-prathama-pallavollanghinau |  
drishau dalita-durmada-bribhuvanopamana-shriyau ,  
vilokaya vilocanamritam aho mahah shaishavam ||86||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Surpasses the Kalpavriksha

Behold the brilliant lustre of adolescent Krishna who is nectar for the eyes. His lotus hands have been teaching graceful gestures to the autumnal moon, His lotus feet put the tenderness and loveliness of freshly grown shoots of kalpavrikshas or wish-fulfilling trees to shame, His fickle wide eyes destroy the pride of fish, lotus and all other comparable things.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna Is More Beautiful than the Autumnal Lotus

 Shri Billavmangalji is looking at the Supreme Lover standing in front. What a unique young boy He is, like nectar for the eyes. The lotus hands of this blue-hued handsome boy surpass the tender beauty of a blooming autumnal lotus. Behold the dark-hued radiance of this beauteous form from top to toe. This is the site where one attains the nectar of immortality, no where else is this nectar available. 


Youthful Krishna is the Abode of Tenderness

He not only is a svarupa of brilliant light but also a young adolescent:
'komal te komal nipat, madhur madhur ko saar |
puhu kar, himkar, hemko, saurabh se sukumar ||

This young boy is the abode of fragrance( sweetness of romantic dalliance), ineffable beauty, tenderness and coolness.

The Kalpataru of Krishna's Lotus Feet

His lotus feet are surpassing the reddish glow, fragrance and coolness of shoots of the devas' kapavriksha. This wish-fulfilling tree grants worldly wealth to those who request for the same but the kalpataru of Krishna's feet bestows the wealth of prema on those who seek refuge in them and thus blesses them.

Gopis Pine for Krishna's Feet

The tenderness of Krishna's lotus feet has been experienced only by the gopis. They pray during anguished moments of separation in the 'Gopi Geet:'

' charan pankajam shantmam cha te
raman nah staney-shvarp-yaadhihan
' || 13 || 
'Please put Your pious feet on our chest(heart) to confer supreme beatitude and peace on us. Or else the anguish of separation will reduce us to ashes and we will not be able to bear any more pain.'

The Beauty of Krishna's Eyes is Incomparable

How can one possibly describe the beauty of Lord Krishna's pair of eyes. The loveliness of these eyes has put the beauty of the lotus, fish, wagtail, chakor or patrigde, black bee, water lily and other such comparisons in the three worlds, to shame.

The Captivating Eyes of Krishna

 Shri Billavmangalji has said in the thirteenth shloka of 'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:
pranaya-parinatabhyam shri-bharalambanabhyam ,
prati-pada-lalitabhyam pratyaham nutanabhyam  |
prati-muhur adhikabhyam prasphural-locanabhyam ,
pravahatu hridaye nah prana-nathah kishorah  ||13||

May the forever youthful Krishna, the Supreme Lover of our lives, constantly shine in our hearts through His sparkling eyes which are laden with love, are the refuge of ineffable beauty, are attractive every moment, are newly fresh every single day and captivating every second.'

His youth is so brilliant that nectar constantly keeps flowing from it. The adolescence of Krishna contains the simplicity of young childhood, the alertness of youth, and eager interest of young adulthood.

Lord Krishna Gets Billavmangalji to Vrindavan

Shri Billavmangalji has described only the Supreme Lover's lotus hands, lotus feet and lotus eyes. Reason being that Krishna was holding him with His lotus hands and getting him when he was coming to Vrindavan from Mathura. This treasure trove of sweet ineffable beauty is what is perceptible in front of Billavmangalji.

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