Wednesday, February 1, 2012

' Lokpavan Bhaijee Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar '-VI

Storehouse of Bhaijee's Spiritual Wealth-II

Lord Krishna Resides in Everyone

Keep in Mind: God resides in everyone. The Almighty is manifest in all living beings. Therefore whichever form of His needs any object at any time and if you have it, then sans arrogance hand it over to Him with loving tenderness with this feeling ' I am offering God's possession back to Him'.

Serve Mankind with Loving Tenderness

Do Remember: The one who does true service, forever perceives the Almighty in every being, everywhere in this mundane world. It his innate nature to attend to the needs of others. He is not affected by the superior and inferior, one's own and another's, friends and foes. He considers it his good fortune whenever he gets an opportunity to serve.

Keep in Mind: There is neither any publicity nor any shop which opens for seva or service. Attending to others' needs is an instinctive nature of the servitor. The purpose of seva is—whatever resources-stock-body-wealth, knowledge-wisdom one is endowed, and whatever energy one has, is intended for seva. Having no sort of personal desire, humbly use these assets in attending to others.

Be the Thread & Not the Needle

Do Remember: Arrogance distances us from God whereas humility transports us to the feet of the Supreme Being. Instead of highlighting others sins be good-hearted and conceal them. A needle makes a hole but thread gives a portion of its body and fills that gap. In the same fashion offer your body to fill the cavities (drawbacks) of others and do not excavate them. Become a thread and not the needle.

Soothe the Wounds of Others

Keep in Mind: Speaking in a haughty voice and treating a poor person, in a harsh and uncouth manner is akin to offending God; because the Almighty is present in front, in the form of that needy person. Thus speak to everyone in a sweet voice and tenderly; 'Through your humbly tender nectarine voice and behaviour, make the sweet cool flow of ambrosia gush forth. Pouring ambrosia into hearts burning with the poison of sorrow, make them cool, calm, sweet and stripped of venom. And do all this for the sake of serving God and considering it to be his energy, motivation and possession. God will be very pleased with your seva which is sans pride and so generous, and His pleasure will make your life supremely fruitful.

The Supreme Soul Dwells in Everyone

Do not ever let the feeling of revenge creep into your mind. Even if someone does wrong to you, abuses you, defames you and hits you, do not either harm anyone, wish for their downfall, or be thrilled to see them hurt. Forgive them, deep within your heart. Just as one does not want to punish oneself for any fault he has done—and wishes to be pardoned. In the same manner, considering that our soul exists in everyone like us, pardon every being. Harbouring revenge is very evil. A person who wants to take revenge does not ever get peace, joy and love in this material world and becomes a fiend after death. He drowns himself and spreading the evil atoms of enmity in the atmosphere, brings harm to others, as well.

Sorrow is the means from which humaneness evolves. A true human being's life blossoms in grief just as the sheen of gold shines when it is heated.

Fruition for Our Deeds has Been Ordained by the Supreme Being

Do Remember: Whatever fruition we attain whether it is most wanted or least desired by us, has been auspiciously ordained by the Supreme Being, for certain. Do not wish for anything which is contrary to this fact, do not ever be discontented but regarding it to be the sacred prasad of the Almighty, exalt it. In case you want anything from God or desire anything from Him just ask and wish for 'O auscipicous God, may your wish be fulfilled. May I have no desire apart from what you wish and in case I do at any point of time, do not fulfill the same.

Be Kind to Lepers & the Disabled

Keep in Mind: When anyone hurts you even slightly, you are so grieved or suffer so much. In the same way the other person also suffers. Therefore do not harbour a feeling of causing harm to others even a bit. Forever keep praying to God that 'O God! Grant me such good sense that I do not became the reason for bringing sorrow or hurting any child of yours in the material world which is your creation.' Always work and long for the true well-being of others and adopt the conduct of serving others, as far as practicable. Seeing lepers, the disabled, wretched-poor understand--' they are bearing the bhoga (fruit) of their karmas (deeds). You reap exactly what you sow.' Do not scorn them, hate them and do not ever hurt them by being rude. However great a sinner he may be because of his past deeds, your task is not to look at his sins, your duty is to work for his good and serve him as per your energy.

Attend to the Needs of Others

Forget About: If any living being is served through you then do not be proud of the fact that you have been of help to him. However certainly consider that the joy he has got by the seva which has been done by you is certainly the fruition of some virtuous deed of his. You have just been used as a medium for this reason. Be grateful to the Almighty, who made you a medium for bringing happiness t youo someone and be thankful to that living being who accepted your service.

The Law of Karma

If any harm comes is wrought to you by someone, do not be miserable on this account and regard it to be the fruition of some earlier deed done by you. Do not ever let this thought come to mind that a certain person has wrought harm to you. Firmly believe that in the durbar (royal court) of the Supreme Being there is never any injustice. Believe that the adversity which has struck you is surely the fruition of some deed done by you in the past.

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