Thursday, July 6, 2017

'Prem Rasamrit Dhara:' Letter No.2

Shri Krishnanuragini Santosh ji

Salutations at Your feet

 Krishna, the Colour of a Rain Cloud

You talked of ‘ekant’ or seclusion. Actually ‘ekant’ is possible only with our ‘Kant’ that is Krishna the Supreme Lover. Being illuminated by dark-hued Krishna, the colour of a new formed rain cloud, is in fact ’ekant.’ The significance of ‘ekant’ has been fully realised only in Braj. Everything in Vrindavan is illuminated by Krishna´s effulgence, the whole of Braj is busy relishing ‘Kant’ and in serving Him in ‘ekant’ or seclusion. The lanes, kunjas, forests, ghats and panghats( wells) sandy river banks of Yamuna in Braj are particularly secluded  The hearts of Braj gopis, crazy about Krishna, are always engrossed in serving Him in seclusion.

A Gopi Carrying a Pitcher of Water

No matter how many passionately crazy belles have assembled at the wells, there is seclusion. Even if some impassioned belle is roaming from one lane of Braj to another, under several pretexts, her eyes are always adulating Krishna in isolation. Breaking the seclusion is possible only if her eyes know how to look at someone else apart from the one and only Krishna, He is the focus of the ardour of the gopis, seen as the object of longing.  When all her senses blindly follow her eyes there is ‘ekant’ all around. Even paths vanish when she wants to move to Krishna’s side in delicious anguish-She was going to the well but ending up reaching the forest, she was going to the village for selling curd but landed up at the forest region,.

 Dark-hued Krishna

The sakhi trailed behind Krishna and remembered her ‘Kant’

She began calling out his Name
dadhi ko naam bisri gayo aali, 
le lo ree kou Shyam Salone.”
(Aaali, I have forgotten the name of curd, someone come and buy the dark-hued Krishna)

Gopis Searching for Krishna

 The impassioned cowherdesses are roaming in forests, kunjas and nikunjas.  Carefully looking at the branches they are asking someone to buy the curd. When they can’t find any customer  they begin to discuss among themselves ’Ari Beer ! (I say friend.) People in this village do not know the value of curd. But the One who resides in the kunjas and nikunjas of this forest, How can He be silent on hearing this complaint of ours!

Supreme Lover Krishna Appears at the Spot

Concealed by some dense creeper, His tinkling anklets echoing in the forest and nikunjas, pouring rasa amrit in the ear holes of these impassioned cowherdesses, enrapturing and enchanting their eyes, He appeared at the spot with a mischievous gait. The gopi’s prayer in seclusion bore fruit. The curd was sold at a very high price and the belle selling curd was highly blessed. Who can possibly talk about the beginning and completion of her blessing? Her tale full of nectarine rasa is known to the sole incomparable customer (Krishna) and this belle who sold the curd.

A Newly Wed Bride

Or else a newly-wed bride with an earthen pitcher balanced on her head and trailing behind these gopis who serve Krishna in seclusion, would be capable of understanding and knowing what took place between both of them. 

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Amazing love of brajgopis for Sh Krishna mentioned in this letter.Really Ras se bhara hai every letter of 'Prem rasamrit dhara'