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Shri Krishna Kripakataksha Stotram: 2nd shloka

Manoj-garv-mochanan,vishaal lollochnam.

Vidhoot gopshochanan, namaami padm lochnam.

Karaarvind bhoodharan smitavloksundaram.

Mahendra maan daaranan namaami Krishna vaarnam.

Adi Shankracharyaji, the composer is respectfully saluting the supreme rasika who has a constantly radiant face, the reliever of the gopas' sorrows. Krishna totally destroys the arrogance of Manoj (a title of Kamdev, the god of love)who had proudly challenged him before the maharasa. On the autumnal night of the full moon, the gopis commenced the rapturous dance of the maharasa holding hands to complete a circle- so that Krishna looked like an immense saphire set in a circlet of gold. Romantic dalliance reached the heights of elation and ecstasy but there is no decline later in this enchanting realm of the supreme lover.

Madan watched and was taken aback.Somewhat ashamed he remarked,'There is nothing great about triumphing in a herd, one needs seclusion for such an ecstatic occasion.' Krishna the wealth of our hearts took his beloved Radha and vanished. Now there was solitude, the autumnal night and the irresistibly attractive Radha alongside. Kamdev cooled down and fell at his feet but this lovingly tender swami can not see anyone dejected. He gives life to inflamed desire through Lord Shankar repeatedly. Kamdev's defeat was purposeful.

Due to this reason the enraptured beloveds of the handsome god are never lustful; their love is the zenith of spiritual awareness. Shyam Sundar ardently entreats them for amorous frolics and these Braj maidens eagerly fulfil Krishna's desire for a loving relationship in a variety of ways.

The supreme lover Krishna has affronted Kamdev on several fronts. The repository of love, Krishna fills our hearts with a terrifying rush of love, different amorous frolics, various romantic dalliance, irresistible attractiveness, a lovingly tender smile, fragrant limbs, graceful manners, charming and sensitive, passionate but not lustful. Therefore Manojgarvmochnan is a perfect title of Krishna. So this enigmatic beautiful god with the arrows of his eyes triumphed over Madana and made him the object of his beloveds' spirited antics.

How does dark hued Krishna who has triumphed over Madana's pride and allayed the gopas' sorrows, look? His huge fickle eyes surpass the tenderness, radiance and charm of the lotus. Vidhootgopshochnan The darling son of Nanda, easily destroys all sorrows of the gopas. He saved them from the poison in the waters of the Yamuna, the snake, a water deluge resulting from Indra's fury and constant attacks of the demonic forces. The fire which raged in the forest was calmed by his divine gaze. Krishna saved the boys who had ventured into Aghasur's mouth and when Brahmaji imprisoned gopas in the cave he rescued them soon after.

Stepping forward as Baba Nanda's son he released him from the grief of being childless. Baba Vrashbhanu was worried about getting a perfect match for his darling daughter Radha, an epitome of beauty. Krishna freed him of this anxiety by making her the supreme object of his mysterious love. Hence Vidhootgopshochnan is a perfectly apt title of Krishna.

So his wide, fickle, more tender than lotus eyes have a certain sharpness and are compellingly mischievous.The reason for their spirited antics is the herd of gopis, the Braj beauties coming in front, holding water pots, with tinkling anklets and all of a sudden his wide eyes are locked with those countless eyes. These wide pair of lotus eyes, are a constant love noose for the enraptured young women.

Steeped in them, no one wants to break free.Surprisingly these lotus eyes very much like the capricious black bee are hungry to relish the gopis' beauty for the fulfillment of his love. Countering accusations of mundane lust...they embody transcendental love of the highest order.

Let us talk first about Karaarvind bhoodar and Mahendramaandaaranhan. The composer of the stotra is adoringly adulating Krishna the supremely attractive Brajraj(title of Krishna) who playfully lifted Mount Goverdhan on his tender lotus hands, and is the destroyer of Mahendra's (god of love) arrogance.

Krishna stopped the sacrificial offering to Indra and asked the denizens of Braj to do Giriraj Pujan instead. Indra lashed his fury which led to torrential rain over Braj. All gopas, gopis and cows were terrified and prayed to their beloved Kanhaiya for help. He smiled and assured them lifting Giriraj as if it were a ball. The torrential clouds were fatigued, Kamdev's astonishment soon turned to fear plus his vow and pride were crushed.

Smitaavlok sundaran and namaami Krishnavaarnham: A sweet and captivating smile plays on his blue-hued attractive face...the Braj maidens are enslaved by this smile and ardently long for Krishna. Several messages and gestures are hidden within. Veiling the Mohan mantra or incantation it passionately draws the cowherdesses of Braj.Shri Roop Goswami reveals the secret behind this smile, fresh and radiant today...Some time back the impassioned Yugal (Shri Radha-Krishna) were absorbed in their romantic dalliance in a nikunja in front.

The gopis exult that when they are offended Krishna steeps them in the sweet rush of his smile, making them move in a delicious anguish to his side. 'But why and where have you hidden yourself? they pine. Charmed by the pathos of their ardent entreaties and honoured by their humility, Krishna whose nature requires their love, is moved to reappear before them.

Shri Radha, above all the other cowherdesses of Vrindavana and above all the other souls of the world ultimately emerges as the supreme object of Krishna's love. He also does not want to be free of this bonding and constantly dallies in Radha's terrifying rush of love.

For once let us also along with the stotra's composer hail Krishna who lifted Giriraj in his lotus hands, destroying Mahendra's (Kamdev) arrogance, arousing an ardent longing in his beloveds' hearts by his attractively compelling smile; the one who resides in the forest groves of Vrindavan and has the spirited gait of an intoxicated elephant.

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