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13th & 14th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Hanuman Bahuk: 13th Verse

Saanug sagauri saanukool soolpani taahi,

Lokpaal sakal lakhan ram janki |

Lok parlokko bisok so tilok taahi,

Tulsi tamai kahaa kaahu beer aankee ||

Kesrikisor bandeechorke nevaaje sab,

Keerti bimal kapi karunanidhaankee |

Balak-jyon paalihain kripaalu muni siddh taako,

jaake hiye hulsati haank hanumanki ||

Lord Shankar, Parvatiji, their devotees, deities presiding over the lokas, Shri Ramchandraji, Janki and Lakshmanji are all pleased with the person whose heart joyfully calls out to Hanumanji. Tulsidasji says thereafter how can a grieved person long to seek the refuge of any other warrior in the three lokas or worlds?

On pleasing the compassionate son of Kesri, the clear-hearted Hanumanji, all great sages have mercy on that devotee and bring him up like a child.So pure is the glory of that supremely compassionate, Kapiraj (a title of Hanumanji.

Ramraksha Stotra: 13th Verse

Jagat jaitreik mantrein Ram naam naabhi rakshitam I

Yah kantthe dhaareytasya karasthaah sarv siddhyah ||

The person who adorns the only mantra (incantation) shielded by the name of Rama, which conquers this world, around his throat (learns it by heart), all the siddhis (supernatural skills) come under his command.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 14th Verse

Karuna nidhaan, balbudhike nidhaan, mod-

mahimanidhaan, gun-gyaanke nidhaan hau |

Baamdev-roop, bhoop Ramke sanehee, naam

lait-dait arth dharm kaam nirbaan hau ||

Aapne prabhav, Sitanathke subhaav seel,

Lok-baid-bidhike bidush Hanuman hau |

Mankee, bachankee, karamkee tihoon prakar,

Tulsi tihaaro tum saheb sujaan hau ||

You are the trove of mercy, the abode of intelligence-power, the shrine of bliss, and the temple of virtues-knowledge; loved by Raja Ramchandra, you are the incarnate form of Shankarji, and by chanting your name we are granted meaning, religion, work and salvation. Oh Hanumanji! You are learned in Shri Raghunathji's virtuous nature, the world's conventional norms and rules of the Vedas because of your energy!

Tulsi is your slave in all three perspectives of mind, word and action and you are the clever master. Or in other words know everything which is happening outside and within us.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 14th Verse

Vajra panjar naamedam yo Ramkavacham smaret I

Avyaa hataagyah sarvatra labhate jai mangalam ||

The person who meditates on this Ramkavach named Vajrapanjara, his command is never violated. He is always triumphant and prospers invariably.

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