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Vinay Patrika: Hanuman Stuti [31]

Raag Gauri

The Valiant Deeds of Shri Hanuman

Takihaai tamaki taakee aor ko |

jaako haai sab bhaanti bharoso kapi kesree-kisorko ||1||

jan-ranjan arigan-ganjan mukh-bhanjan khal barjorko |

baid-puraan-pragat purushaarth sakal-subhat-sirmor ko ||2||

uthape-thapan, thape uthpan pan,bibudhbrind bandichhor ko |

jaldhi laanghi dahi lank prabal bal dalan nisaachar ghor ko ||3||

jaako baalbinod samujhi jiya darat divaakar bhorko |

jaakee chibuk-chot chooran kiya rad-mad kulis kathorko ||4||

lokpaal anukool bilokivo chahat bilochan-korko |

sadaa abhay, jay, mud-mangalmay jo sevak ranrorko ||5||

bhagat-kaamtaru naam raam paripooran chand chakorko |

tulsi phal chaaron kartal jas gaavat gaeebahorko ||6||

Baby Hanuman, the Son of Kesari

Who can dare to wrathfully look at the one who has absolute faith in Shri Hanuman, the son of Kesari ?||1||

The Mighty Shri Hanuman

Who else in this world is so greatly mighty as Hanuman ji who delights his bhaktas, annihilates enemies and harasses the wicked evil-doers ? His valiant deeds are explicitly revealed in the Vedas and Puranas (ancient Hindu scriptures.) Who else amongst the entire lot of brave heroes is a shiromani (a jewel worn on the head, one who is supreme) equivalent to Him? ||2||

Shri Hanuman Burning Lanka

Who else is there comparable to Him who reinstated those (Sugriva, Vibhishan and so on) who had been ousted from their kingdoms and deposed the emperors (Bali, Ravan and others)who were well established on their thrones, who released the gods from the bondage of Ravana by making a vow to them, who burnt Lanka by crossing over the ocean, and destroyed the power of several strongly fearsome demons ?||3||

Baby Hanuman Reaches Out for the Sun

The early morning Sun God is scared even now to recollect the childish pranks of Hanuman* whose wounded jaw crushed the pride of the harsh Vajra or thunderbolt of Indra.||4||

The Merciful Glance of Shri Hanuman

Several great lokpaals (any deity presiding over a region of the universe such as Indra, Yama, Kuvera) also truly long for his compassionate look. The person serving such a Hanuman ji who is a great warrior at war, is forever fearless, triumphs over his enemies and attains all the joys of this material world along with the greatly fortunate moksha or salvation.||5||

Shri Hanuman Adulates the Moonlike Face of Shri Ram

The name of the chakor (a type of partridge traditionally supposed to live on moonbeams) of Hanuman ji looking with eyes steadfastly fixed at the moonlike face of Shri Ramchandra ji who is endowed with all the kalas or rays, is just like the kalpavriksha (fabulous tree of Krishna's paradise granting all desires.) O Tulsidas! Whosoever sings the glories of Shri Hanumanji who gives back the possessions which have been lost, has the four fruits of arth or wealth, dharam or virtuousness, kaam or sensual pleasure and moksha or salvation readily available at hand.||6||

(*As a child, believing the sun to be a ripe mango, Hanuman pursued it to eat it. Rahu, corresponding to an eclipse, was seeking out the sun as well, and he clashed with Hanuman. The Tamas Guṇa was predominant in Rahu. To convey a message to the universe that Satva Guṇa always prevails, Hanuman went to take the sun in his abode. Indra,the king of devas, was approached by a disappointed Rahu, enraging Indra. Indra retaliated by throwing the Vajra (thunderbolt) at Hanuman, which struck his jaw. He fell down to the earth and became unconscious. Upset, Vayu went into seclusion, taking the atmosphere with him. As living beings began to perish, Indra withdrew the effect of his thunderbolt, and the devas revived Hanuman, blessing him with many boons. A permanent mark was etched on his chin)

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