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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty-third Shloka

paryacitamrita-rasani padartha-bhangi-
valguni valgita-vishala-vilocanani 
balyadhikani mada-vallava-bhavinibhir-
bhave luthanti sukritam tava jalpitani 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Sweetly Converses with the Gopis of Braj

O Krishna! Your sweet conversation (mischievous squabble)loaded with all sorts of amrit rasa or divine nectar, which is sweet and enchanting because of its order of  words and abundance of meaning. Punctuated by the movements of Your  wide fickle eyes, that conversation which you present in the assemblage of gopis, manifests in the emotional hearts of some virtuous souls (fortunate human beings) by the grace of those very impassioned gopis of Braj

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna Playfully Teases the Gopis of Braj

Shri Bilavmangal ji had a flash of Lord Krishna, the Flute Player, in the previous shloka. Now Krishna's exchange of words with the gopis, laden with soft playful teasing remarks, exhilarates his heart.

He says, “ Your conversation laden with amrit rasa, endowed with beautiful padas and meanings, which is even more enchanting than natural child talk and has been presented in front of Your beloved gopis by the wonderful expressions of Your wide eyes,' such rasa laden exchange of words flash forth in the hearts of those virtuous beings who are the recipients of Your grace.

The gopis of Braj reveal in the 'Gopi Geet' of Shrimad Bhagvat:'

tava kathaamritam tapta jeevanam
kavi bhiriditam kalma shaap-ham ,
shrawan-mangalam shrimadaa tatam
bhuvi grinanti te bhurida janaah: || ||

The nectar of Your words and the description of Your activities are the life and soul of those suffering in this material world. These narrations, transmitted by learned sages, eradicate one’s sinful reactions and bestow good fortune upon whoever hears them. By mere listening to them, it removes all sins and sufferings and bestows supreme bliss and welfare as well.

The Gopis of Braj are Proud of Being Close to Lord Krishna

The milkmaids of Braj with whom Lord Krishna has this juicy coversation have been said to be intoxicated with frenzy, proud of their great good fortune.And why shouldn't they be? The dark-hued Krishna who enchants the three bhuvanas with His ineffable beauty, means everything to them, then why shouldn't they feel they are glorious.

Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lover

And how is this amorous supreme lover! Extremely clever and a flirtatious enchanting Youth. Whose heart will His spirited exchange of words not captivate?

A Love-struck Gopi

And look! Steeped in rasa, a gopi is seen walking affectedly right in front.Soon after, a love-struck sakhi comes from a cluster of gopis. Going to that young maiden she says, “Do not hide, tell me truly which state your are in? Tell me something at least, Sakhi.”

A Gopi Captivated by Lord Krishna's Charm

Now the earlier sakhi becomes somehwhat vigilant and says, “Sakhi, what should I reveal! What should I tell you about the tryst on that day? It was evening time and lost in my own thoughts I was going to milk the cows. All of a sudden someone stopped my path-and I saw that this very flirtatious, dark-hued young Krishna, stealer of hearts, stood blocking my path. O ! That sligth smile! Who will not lose her composure on seeing that slight sweet smile? Who will not sweep away social constraints and family honour in the river of His smile?

Lord Krishna Stops a Gopi on the Way

Moreover bending down, laughing with His dark tamal (evergreen tree)like eyes, He said, “ Ari!' Creeper of the thorn apple tree, where are you going? O beautiful one! Hiding this infinite wealth of beauty in every limb of yours, in which direction are you heading? Stop for a while.Don't you know me? Say, are you recognising me?”

Beer, what could I say. Which maiden would be there in Braj who would not be knowing and recognising Him? Which young girl is there who is not eagerly desirous for relishing His amorous love? Who would not offer herself to His beauteous form..

Even then I mustered courage and said, 'O, Rasik Sunder! Do let me go.'

Lord Krishna Admires a Gopi's Nose Ring

He laughed and said, 'Okay! You leave but tell me one thing first...the glimmering pearl of your so beautiful. How it glitters and from where did you get it?'

Sakhi, what could I say? Thereafter He said, 'And who made this kajal  and gave it to you? How it has made your pointed eyes spill with rasa'...and-and-that is it.
Such kind of sweet nothings captivate the hearts of Braj gopis.They do know what to say and what to listen to. Steeped in that very rasa, they lose the essence of their being to Him.

Gopis Move in a Delicious Anguish to Krishna's Side

Shri Bilavmangal ji says I want to hear that same voice of Yours soaked in rasa, which becomes more intoxicating with Your various exhilirating expressions.The One who expresses His secet feelings in the movement of His limbs and talks to His beloveds-not knowing which rasa laden gestures He particularly exhibits through His eyes, those infatuated maidens become restless to get His closeness. One does now know which feelings Your voice, loaded with young childhood, expresses. My heart is eagerly desirious to hear that very sweet voice and sweet conversation.

Shri Lilashukh Longs to be a Recipient of Lord Krishna's Grace

In a state apparent to the external world, Shri Lilashukh says in all humility, “Where do I have the right to hear that so very sweet heart-stealing dialogue. It flashes forth only in the hearts of extremely virtuous emotional people. Even so I cherish a desire of being a recipient of Your (Lord Krishna) grace. My heart is impatient. O Nath! O Essence of my being! Will you shower your grace on me?

Kajal: lampblack applied as cosmetic to the eye

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