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The day Lord Radharamanji was manifested, 19th May, 2008

Lord Radharamanji

On Monday, the 19th of May is not only Sage Narad Jayanti and Lord Budha’s birthday but also the Appearance day of Lord Radharamanji in the Chaitanya Mahaprabu tradition at Vrindavan.

The Shri Radhamanji temple in Vrindavan ranks third in popularity after the renowned Sri Banke Bihari temple and Sri Radhavallabhji temple,
Sri Hitharivanshji Jayanti of Radhavallabhji temple fame. Sri Radharamanji's lotus face is in class with Lord Govinda's, His chest can be likened to Sri Gopinathji's and His lotus feet closely resemble Sri Madanmohanji's. By perceiving Radharamanji one simultaneously has a darshan of these three primary Deities of Vrindavan.

  • Lord Radharamanji appeared on Vaishakh Shukla Poornima, 500 years back, from deity Shaligramji .
  • It so happened that once a Pujari who served Him in His earlier form of deity Shaligramji, yearned for His assuming the form of Lord Krishna. In case this miracle took place the priest could adore Him by sewing beautiful clothes for the Lord, embellishing His shrine with ornaments. When a certain Queen who was a devotee came to distribute poshak or clothes for the Lord, the Pujari’s wish overwhelmed him.
  • Since time immemorial the Lord has always been willing to bow to the wishes of His devotees. So on the fateful morning of Vaishakh Shukla Poornima in samvat 1699, when this Pujari, Gopalbhatt of Bengal, went in the morning to bathe Shaligramji with Yamuna water he found a grand miracle had taken place. Shaligramji had transformed into Lord Gopala or Radharamanji!
  • Radharamanji's physical features and beauty are indeed Divine and a feast for the eye! No wonder when we journey to attend His Abhishek or anniversary ceremony, we invariably witness millions of devotees from Bengal and Braj gathering in Vrindavan particularly for this day as they ecstatically chant,“ Jai Radharaman, Jai Radharaman!”

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