Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 188

Raag Asavari

The Idols of Shri Ram, Sita, Lakshman & Hanuman

maain tohin ab jaanyo sansaar |

baandhi na sakhin mohi harike bal, pragat kapat-aagaar ||1||

dekhat hee kamneeya, kacchu naahin puni kiye bichaar |

jyon kadleetru-madhya nihaarat, kabhun na niksat saar ||2||

tere liye janam anek maain phirat na paayon paar |

mahaamoh-mrigjal-saritaa mahan boryo haaun baarhin baar ||3||

sunu khal ! chhal-bal koti kiye bas hohin na bhagat udaar |

sahit sahaaya tahaan basi ab, jehi, hriday na nandkumaar ||4||

taason karhu chaaturee jo nahin jaanaai maram tumhaar |

so pari daraai maraai raju-ahi tein, boojhaai nahin byavhaar ||5||

nij hit sunu satth! hatth na karhi, jo chahhi kusal parivaar |

tulsidaas prabhuke daasni taji bhajhi jahaan mad maar ||6||

The Deceptive Material World

Oh deceptive world! I have come to know you (in reality), now. You are the visible form of deceit. But now I have got the power of the Supreme Lord and you can not ensnare me in the noose (of your trickery) because of this fact. (The instant I took the refuge of the Supreme Being's might, the material world made of God's maya or power of illusion, vanished for good. Therefore I can not be caught in the delusive snare of the mundane world)||1||

The Plantain Tree

You are just beautiful to look at, but are absolutely nothing on reflecting; actually you have no existence of your own. Look at a plantain tree, just as no pulp comes out of it (However much we may peel it,layers of skin come out in succession. The material world's condition is exactly the same)||2||

The Delusive Mundane World

O for your sake, I wandered from one birth to another and was born as so many species, but could not reach your depth. You repeatedly drowned me in the mirage of mahamoha ( great delusion as to the supposed reality of the world)||3||

Shri Krishna, the Darling Son of Nanda

O wicked one ! Listen! You might continue doing millions of forceful frauds ; but the supreme bhakta of God can not be controlled by you. You go and reside along with your army of (sensuous pleasures), in the heart of a person where Nandnandan, Lord *Shri Krishna does not dwell ||4||

A Rope Mistaken for a Snake

Make a cunning move with that person who does not know your secret. Only such a person will die terrified of the snake like rope (one bitten by a snake fears a piece of rope),who is unaware of the distinguishing traits between the two||5||

Shri Raghunath ji with Ma Sita & Lakshman

Oh rogue! Listen to what is good for you. If you want your and your family's well-being, do not be adamant. Abandoning the sevakas of Shri Raghunath ji, the Lord of Tulsidas, you flee to that site where passionate desires and arrogance dwell (there is no pride and lust where Shri Ram resides; and how can the illusory world live where these two vices do not exist?)||6||

Shri Krishna: undoubtedly this proves that according to Goswami Tulsidas there was no difference between Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, which is the actual Hindu theology.

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