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23rd & 24th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 23rd Verse

Ramko saneh, Ram saahas lakhan siya,

Ramkee bhagti, soch sankat nivaariye |

Mud-markat rog-baarinidhi heri haare,

Jeev-jaamvantko bharoso tero bhaariye ||

Koodiye kripaal Tulsi suprem-pabbyaten,

Suthal subel bhaalu baaithikaai bichaariye |

Mahabeer bankure baraakee banhpeer kyon na,

Lankinee jyon laatghaat hee marori maariye ||

By the grace of Ram-Laxman and Jankiji I have affection and religious devotion for Ramchandraji along with boldness (for firmly facing hardships), therefore get rid of my critical grief.The monkey of delight has been defeated mentally on seeing the infinite ocean of ailments,


whereas the Jambvant (the king of bears who was oldest of the soldiers in Rama's army and his counsellor as well.) of living beings has implicit trust in you.Oh merciful one! Jump from the mountain of Tulsi's loving tenderness since Jambvant (of living beings) waits expectantly while sitting on the powerful mount of the heart which is the most excellent place.


Oh Mahabali (most powerful), the bold warrior! Why do not you get rid of my Lankini (the principal guard of the city of Lanka guarding the gates) of painful agony by twisting it with a blow of your leg.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 23rd Verse

Vedaant vedyo yagneshah puraan puru shottamah I

Jaanaki vallabhah shrimaan prameya paraakramah ||

Rama is the divine knowledge of the Vedantas. He is lord of all yagyas, primeval and the best of men. He is Janaki's beloved and illustrious, whose valour is immeasurable.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 24th Verse

Lok-parlokhoon tilok na bilokiyat,

Tose samrath chash chaarihoon nihaariye |

Karm, kaal, lokpaal, ag-jag jeevjaal,

Naath haath sab nij mahimaa bichaariye ||

Khaas daas raavro, nivaas tero taasu ur,

Tulsi so dev dukhee dekhiyat bhaariye |

Baat tarumool banhusool kapikachhu-beli,

Upjee sakeli kapikeli hee ukhaariye ||

When I look all around the mundane world, the next world and the three lokas (cosmological regions) I can sight no one as capable as you. Oh Nath ! Karmas (actions), kaal (time or age), lokpaals (deities presiding over regions of the universe) and the entire fixed plus moving multitude of living beings is in your hands.Consider your majestic grandeur.

Oh god! Tulsi is your personal attendant, you dwell in his heart and he seems to be suffering immensely. The pain which arises from wind (as a bodily humour) is like the creeper of kevaanch (a medicinal plant). Gathering its roots which have sprouted, uproot them like an amusing sport of a monkey.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 24 Verse

Ityetaani japan nityam madabhaktah shraddhyaan vitah I

Ashvamedhaadhikam punyam sampraapnoti na sanshayah ||

Ashvamedha Yagna

Lord Shiva states that my devotee who religious does japa or chants these names of Rama daily,undoubtedly gets more fruition than the Ashvamedha Yagna (a Vedic horse sacrifice, performed chiefly by kings often in assertion of a king's dominion over his territory.)

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