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Prem Sudha Dhara: Rajeshwariji

(Page 93)

The Swing is Symbolic of The Love Play Between Radha & Krishna

Sri Hari

Sri Vrindavan Dham

12th August 1977

Dear Rajeshwari,

With love, Jai Sri Hari.

I received your letter woken from a deep slumber somewhat like King Muchukunda, rubbing his eyes. But Rajeshwari, when emperor Muchukunda awakened after years of deep sleep what he sighted was reduced to ashes initially. But soon after the glimpse of dark-hued Lord Krishna, ineffably attractive, resplendent in front got rid of his trance, fatigue and anxiety as if they had never existed.

Well, I got the letter and your loving concern reduced my illness to ashes as mentioned in the incidence above. Just pray that the next episode materializes and during the dark cloudy days of the rainy season; spirited youthful Krishna totally absorbs us in his loving tenderness. If our ardour is sufficient and understanding complete, the perennial quest of mankind for a divine and transcendental love can bear fruition by centering our devotion upon the handsome god. Rajeshwari, Lord Krishna, seen as the object of longing and of a love expressed in the cry of the enraptured soul for god, is attainable only by his grace.

Earlier you used to sing a jhoola pada (verse), Saghan Van Jhule Dau Sukumar. The supreme lover and his beloved swing in the dense kunjas and nikunjas (bowers) of the Braj forest even today; rocking each other as they hum melodies. But why has the pada been abandoned by you? You plan to sing it on teej (a festival held on the third day of a lunar fortnight, especially in the month of Savan) or dooj (second day of a lunar fortnight), which you haven't yet. Swinging never lets one forget but delights with joyous abandon. So you have God's compassion, but do not overlook this reality. Casting off work and worldly cares, move in a delicious anguish to his side as the Lord swings with sensual merriment.

I will write down a pada which you must memorize and sing. Listen:

Jhoolat sanvre sang gori.

Amit roop gun sahaj madhuri,shobha sindhu jhakori.

Ut sir mor mukut ki latkan it bendi chavi rori.

Kundal lol kapolan jhalkat ithi bani kach dori.

Nakbesar mukta ki jhain,chonp pari duhon auri.

'Rasik preetam' vallabh kataksh chavi haav bhaav chitchori.

Such a moving account of their beauteous forms. Ethereal, fair-complexioned and dark-hued Sri Radha-Krishna, repositories of sweetness, swing with thrusts of ecstasy and a terrifying rush of love. The diadem of peacock feathers fluttering on his head with ornate extensions swaying alongside the flying tresses...the dot of roli (red powder made from turmeric and lime used to make decorative marks on the forehead), flashes, glittering on her radiant forehead. The bright red bindi sparkles in different tones as they swing speedily with gleaming golden kundals (large earrings worn by Krishna) accentuating his soft cheeks.

And neatly gathering her scattered loose locks, the golden string entices us with its splendid glitter; the pearl adorning her nose ring exudes a magical inspiration. Competing with each other, Sri Radha-Krishna enrapture us with their winsome manners, flirtatious glances, loving coquetry and heart-stealing manoeuvres. Such a sweet outward expression of the love-play between Sri Radha-Krishna is this swing; a splendid metaphor for union between the Divine (Krishna) and the individuated soul (Radha). I wish our minds, hearts and eyes constantly steeped in this lovable portrayal are enchanted forever.

Okay then, Jai Sri Hari.

Yours Bobo.

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