Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3rd and 4th Verses of Shri Shiv Tandava Stotram

Verse 3
Dharadharendra nandini vilas bandhu bandhur -
Sphraddigant santati pramidman manse |
Kripakatakchha dhorani Niruddha - durharapadi
Kwachiddigambare manovinodmetu vastuni ||3||

Lord Shiva is Shashidar

The one who is ecstatic on seeing the flirtatious sidelong glance of Shri Parvati, the daughter of Himalaya, king of the mountains, the one who displays the emotions of a friend and is digambar  or all pervasive, who dispels all the adversities of His devotees by just a compassionate glance. May my mind find happiness in such a Bhootbhavan (an epithet of Shiva, the creator of spirits), Lord Shashidhar (a title of Shiva, wearing the moon)

Verse 4

Jatabhujanga pingalasphuratphanamani prabha -
Kadamba kumkumadrava pralipta digvla dhoomukhe |
Madandhasindhurasphuratva guttariya mdure
Mano Vinodmadbhutam vibhartu bhootabhatari ||4||

Lord Shiva is Bhupati

May my mind attain great delight in Mahesh who is Bhupati or Lord of the earth. The fluid saffron of the yellow-hued glittering manis or pearls from the hoods of snakes dwelling in the matted locks of Lord Shankar, has coloured the feminine face of Shivji's directions and his body looks supremely majestic on wearing the shining garment made of the skin of an intoxicated elephant.

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