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Prem Sudha Dhara: Sudhirji

(Page 295)

Shri Hari

2nd July 1972

Dear Sudhir,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

One should make great effort to have implicit faith in God. On attempting if it seems that the mind is not focused on the divine, then one should pray, 'Oh, Supreme Being! I am not able to walk. Kindly hold mine, an innocent child's hand, helping me toddle ahead.' And if your faith in him is expanding and the mindset is centered around the Lord's feet, gently entreat,' Hey Naath! (Lord). It is your loving tenderness which urges me towards you. Kindly, bless me with your affectionate stance forever and ever.'

While going about our duties and actions, one must not forget life's objective which is union with the divine. The chief means of attainment is his smarana (meditating upon the Supreme Being) and chintan or reflecting upon God.

In the Bhagvad Gita Lord Krishna affirms, 'Yo man smarati nityash!'' or Whoever focuses on me daily, 'Tasyahan sulabh parth!'' Oh Arjun! I am easily attainable for him. Chanting God's name, meditation and taking refuge in him, all lead to a divine and transcendental love; in addition to bestowing joyous abandon in this mundane world by reducing the burden of responsibilities and destroying fearsome sufferings of past sins.

In most people there is an absence of smarana by entrusting ourselves plus all that is ours to the Supreme Being. Several times getting involved in a task we virtually forget God-who is our supreme Lord, solely memorable, the only well-wisher and our best friend. One has to merely concentrate upon him while doing deeds. Going through our daily regime if we can not focus on him then earnestly request for the same. And at least call out to him, certainly at short intervals.

12th July 1973

The Supreme Being's loving tenderness is fully competent to turn the distinctly exceptional to the usually common-place and vice-versa. But brother, we must remember not to estimate God's grace only by prosperity on the temporal plane. It is sensible to be content with whatever one can acquire in the loss and gains of this world.

But exquisite longing for more seva (attending selflessly to the needs of the Lord), bhajan or singing songs of a devotional nature and a constant desire for God's love should be escalating all the time.

28th June 1974

Every object, season and weather has unprecedented glory in idyllic Vrindavana. Jal vihar or water sports, nauka vihar or boating, sprinkling fountains and the fragrance of blossoms are ethereal; and so is the joy of snuggling in a quilt during winter and the delightful warmth of an angeethi (fire-stove).

And the glorious rainy season; the splendour of YugalShri (Shri Radha-Krishna) getting drenched in the downpour, the delight of the dense green foliage... thundering clouds, flashes of lightening, peacocks dancing in ecstasy, enraptured by the darkness of gathered clouds; and the inexpressible joyous abandon of Shri Radha-Krishna from these delightful escapades.

Basant or spring has yellow flowers blooming in abundance, budding shoots, the absorption of Shri Radha-Krishna in amorous frolics as they roam amidst flower-laden small gardens...the large black bees buzzing, impassioned by the fragrance of lotus pollen. And the sweetly enchanting Yugal Sarkar, fond of romantic dalliances, singing eternal melodies with the buzzing of capricious bees as they alight from flower to flower.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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