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'Shri Krishna Karnamarita: Forty-seventh Shloka

bahula-jalada-cchaya-coram vilasa-bharalasam  ,
mada-shikhi-sikha-lilottamsam manojsha-mukhambhjam 
kam api kamalapangodagra-prasanga-jadam jagan-
madhurima-paripakodrekam vayam mrigayamahe  

Simple Meaning:

Ineffably Beautiful Krishna is Stunned by the Sidelong Glance of Shri Radha

We are searching for Him whose bodily lustre has stolen the effulgence of dense clouds, who has become languid due of the fatigue of dallying romantically, who wears a crest made of an impassioned peacock's plume, whose lotus face is so very fascinating, who has become stunned by the long sidelong glance of Kamala (Shri Radha), who is the abundance of perfection of all the sweet beauty of the universe.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna, the Colour of the Condensed Sky

saghanjalada-cchaya: This blue-hued Brajraj is like the effulgence of thick clouds. Hundreds of dark rays radiant like blue sapphires have gone forth and are stealing that darkness overcast with dense clouds. A stolen object is stashed in such a way that it is not visible to anyone. That is why Krishna has hidden that mass of darkness in His blue hue. It proved to be of use when the shining stars  rankled Him. When an ardent longing to embrace someon overpowers us the light of the stars is also irritating. But of course, some light is needed for relishing the insanity of that senselessness.

Shri Radha Embraced by Krishna, the Supreme Lover

bahula-jalada-cchaya: So Lord Krishna must have carried off the effulgence of those dark clouds and hidden them in His bodily hue and then on need arising making Priya relish the sweetness of His love (and relishing her impassioned love Himself) He would have propagated that radiance by concealing it in Himself for the sake of teasing her. The narrative of tales marked by love signs would have been perceptible in that feeble blue hue and Shri Radha's embarassment would have know no bounds. Embarrassed further she would have hidden her beautiful shy face in the embrace of the Supreme Lover and His blue-hued chest.

The Divine Love of Shri Radha-Krishna

Shri Radha's mannerisms, helpless charm and impassioned embarrasment would have roused the Supreme Lover for more of romantic dalliances. The whole night would have spent in relishing  and bestowing rasa or divine love. His countenance would have become even more heart-stealing with the languor of love play.
The beauty of the peacock plume would have become something else.Who knows, it would have also taken some part in the romantic dalliance? Probably in the commotion of Shri Radha-Krishna the poor feather would be in a state of disorder.

Shri Radha Adulates Krishna with a Sidelong Glance

After scattering His flirtatiousness when Krishna would have somehat come to His senses, the mischievous one would have smiled on seeing Shri Radha. And she would have become conscious somewhow, and adjusted her dishevelled clothes. The Supreme Lover's lotus face languid with tell tale signs of love would have aroused her desire for  a dalliance once again. Somewhat fatigued probably the Supreme Lover was resting till now or preparing the role for some new relishment of rasa or divine love. He appeared very simple and innocence at this point of time as if the mischievous One know nothing. Enchanted by His feigned innocence and the languor of love Shri Radha would have forgotten herself. Her love embarassment would have got absorbed in that enchantment and that is when she would adulated her lover with a sidelong wicked glance.

Shri Radha's Sidelong Glance

Guess what, the love dice has changed sides! Now it was Shri Radha's turn to throw the dice and that is precisely what she did. The arrows of her curved eyes went and struck straight at the target and the Supreme Lover was left dumbfounded. The languor of love was transformed into speechless amazement for some time. The same heavy shower of rati rasa or divine love would have fallen after some time. Hundreds of interpersonal romantic exchanges would have taken place. Through different kinds of love signs that shringar rasa or romantic love of Shri Radha-Krishna would have ripened with intoxicating sweetness.

The Shringara Rasa of Shri Radha-Krishna

Seaching for that very shringara rasa,Shri Bilavmangal ji is losing is his senses .

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Beautiful pictures are telling by themselves the subject of the shloka.
kaisi Anirvachniya vastu ka varnan
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