Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sri Krishna Kripakataksha Stotram: 9th shloka

Yada tada yatha tathaiv Krishnasatkatha,

Mayaa sadaiv geeyta tatha kripavidheeytaam.

Pramaanit stavadhya pathanti pratruthitah

Ta aiv Nandnandan milanti bhavsasthitah.

The continuous ras vihar or amorous frolic of Shri Bihari is gushing forth with unconstrained and unrestricted speed. Every season absorbed in his service, each night and day engrossed in his romantic dalliance dance delightedly even as of today.

Respectfully saluting such a Shri Vihari, entreating him to grant us a charming small fragment...longing to be absorbed in this constant charming sweetness... we now give respite to this write up. The entire volume was rest and is, now I give it a pause.

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