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Vinay Patrika: Hymn 279

Raag Kalyan

Shri Ram

maaruti-man, ruchi bharatkee lakhi lashan kahee haai |

kalikaalhu naath ! naam son parteeti-preeti ek kinkarkee nibhee haai ||1||

sakal sabhaa suni laai uthhee, jaanee reeti rahee haai |

kripaa gareeb nivaajkee, dekhat gareebko saahab baanh gahee haai ||2||

bihansi raam kahyo 'satya haai, sudhi maain hoon lahee haai ' |

mudit maath naavat, banee tulsee anaathkee, paree raghunaath

raghunaath haath

sahee haai ||3||

Lord Ram & Janaki ji Seated on the Majestic Throne

Context: The divine darbar of Shri Ram is being held. The Lord along with jagjannani Shri Janaki ji is resplendent on the transcendental gem-studded throne of the royal kingdom.

Bharat, Lakshman, Shatrughan & Hanuman Attending Lord Ram's Court

Engrossed in love and adulating his Nath or master with an intent look, Shri Hanuman is pressing Ram ji's feet. Bharat ji, Lakshman ji and Shatrughan ji are absorbed in attending to the needs of the Lord, as per their individual rights. Precisely at that point of time, Tulsidas ji's Vinay Patrika reaches the scene. Everyone, explicitly remembers the petition of Tulsidas ji. Maruti Shri Hanuman, the beloved of bhaktas and Bharat softly whisper to Lakshman that it is an excellent opportunity to raise the issue of Tulsidas. Seeing their inclination, Lakshman ji presents the 'Vinay-Patrika' to Prabhu Shri Ram for his approval.

The 'Vinay Patrika' by Goswami Tulsidas

Meaning: Observing Hanumanji and Bharat ji's heartfelt desire, Lakshman reveals to the Supreme Being, “ O Nath! Even in Kaliyuga (the age of spiritual darkness) one of your devotee's love and implicit faith in your Name has been carried through (have a look, his authentic Vinay Patrika has also arrived)||1||

Gosain Tulsidas is Blessed by Shri Ram in Kaliyuga

Hearing this statement, the entire sabha or assembly agrees unanimously that this fact is absolutely true. And they confirm of knowing the servitor's mannerisms. He has been blessed by the (great) grace of Lord Shri Ram ji, gareeb-niwaaj (a title of Shri Ram who is kind and hospitable to the poor). In the presence of everyone, Shri Ram has held his arm and made him, His own ||2||

Shri Ram & Ma Sita Approve of the Vinay Patrika

Hearing everyone's opinion, Shri Ram ji smiles and affirms that it is the truth and he has also got the news. (Shri Janak Nandini ji [Sita, daughter of Janaka] must have told him a number of times because Goswami Tulsidas has already prayed to her earlier.)What follows is a grand spectacle.With his own hands Shri Raghunath ji verifies that the Vinay Patrika which had been created by destitute Tulsidas, is 'correct'.

Goswami Tulsidas Takes the Refuge of Shri Ram's Lotus Feet

Once my compilation proved to be such a grand success, I was supremely delighted and bowed my head at the lotus feet of the Supreme Being (forever took his refuge, says Gosain Tulsidas) ||3||

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