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Diary 2 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji: 5am to 6am

Sri Vrindavan

As of now I proceed to note down Great Saint Ushaji's activities after 5 am everyday at the holy Dham of Vrindavan.

After an hour of kirtan Ushaji would trudge on foot to Yamunaji for a bath. Be it Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivanandaji of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh or Swami Ramdevji's tour to USA, UK in July-Aug 2008, every TV channel focuses on a daily morning walk for better health. Saint Ushaji diligently followed this routine since renunciation. The 'Gita' says Mahajana Sa Pantha which means Her followers adopted the very same habit of rising early and began their day with a dip in the holy river.

As I pranced along with Her and Her longtime associate poojya Susheela Bahinji to the Yamunaj, it used to be a great satsang. At one point of time Ushaji reprimanded me on Christmas Day.

Lord Shiva, Bobo ji's Guru

Another fine day I asked Her who is your Guru? Upfront she answered instantly,"Lord Siva!". She added, "He is actually, the Guru of all Vaishnavas ! With His blessings, one can attain knowledge and wisdom, plus God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are the parents of Lord Ganesha - Kartikeya. ...visiting Sri Pashupati Nathji in Nepal on Sri Shivratri is highly auspicious."

Goddess Yamuna

Her dip in Yamunaji was poised and a feast for the eyes. Initially She would bow to Devi Yamunaji and only then step in for a bath. The river is sacred to all Hindus for the following reasons:

* One of the eight patranis of Lord Krishna as Kalindi Maharani.. Yamunaji is the base of jalvihar or water sports. (For as many as 44 names of Divine Sakhis of Lord Krishna , please refer to page 118 of Sri Krishan Leelaalok as described at 21st book is ... )

* She is the sister of the two divine brothers or Health-Gods, Ashwani Kumars who are in fact Lord Krishna's Divine Forms ...Chapter XI of GITAJI has 63 verses

* Daughter of the Sun God, Lord of the Universe... birds-chirping at 6 am celebrates the arrival of Lord Sun .

* A dip in the holy river gets rid of all diseases, sins and kukarmas, gives us happiness and health, endowing us with a long life...For any diseases ? bow humbly at the holy feet of Doctor Dhanvantri , 18th incarnation of Lord Sri Hari. Another well-known brother of Yamunaji is Yamraj who is actually Dharmraj and keeps a record of our births and deaths . Mathura'a Vishram-Ghat is renowned for the combined bath of a brother-sister duo to get the blessings of Dharmraj .Ushaji sang paeans in the glory of Yamunaji:


Before her walk to Yamunaji, She instructed Vijayji on which clothes Thakurji should wear on a particular day . Generally on Tuesday in honour of Lord Hanuman, She preferred red or pink dresses and chandan-paste of a red hue.

Krishna Janamashtami

For festivals like Shivratri, Janmashtmi and so on, She made pretty new garments herself,a tradition Susheela Bahinji ( Boboji's long-time associate and current-in-charge of Her Thakurji ) continues conscientiously till date.

( PS : Saint Ushaji well-known through had renounced the world at an early age and remained throughout her life at the holy Dham of Vrindavan. Her Ishtdev was Lord Radha Krishna but Her Guru was Shivji . She had completed double MA and was Principal of several reputed schools before her shift to Vrindaban. Her student, Viyayji inspired by Her Motherly protection and divinity also took renunciation and wrote 'BRAJ VIBHAV KI APOORVA SHRI USHAJI '( hereafter called Biography ) on Her. The work is deeply moving, nuanced and sacred. Its creativity successfully motivated the publication of another 21 books ...22nd book is Sri Krishan Leelalok as described at 21st book is ........)

Saint Ushaji was affectionately addressed as elder sister 'BOBOJI' by Her devotees . A rare, unique Mahatma she firmly believed in all branches of Sanatan Dharma. More than a saint she was an institution by Herself deeply immersed in the divine nectar of Lord Radha-Krishna leelas, very much like
Goswami Tulsidassji 500 years ago. An icon of unity between Shaivs and Vaishnavas, She held not only the'Gita' and 'Bhagwatam' but also 'Ramayana' and Shankracharyaji's stotarams in great esteem Let us bow to the lotus feet of the'Gita','Ramayana' and 'Bhagwatam' respectfully)

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