Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 9th shloka



Kareendrashundh danidhkaavrohsaubhgoruke-

Kadaa karishyaseeh maan kripakatashabhaajnam.

Studded with precious stones and golden flowers, a bejewelled girdle adorns Shri Radha's waist. Its ravishing melody sings the glories of Priyaji and the zone of bells always clinging onto Priyaji, celebrates its great good fortune. One does not know whether it reveals the delicate tenderness of Shri Radha's supple limbs or passionately drawing the supreme lover with its tinkling sound, gives rise to a new playfull dalliance.

Probably it is a war drum heralding the onset of Kamdev's battle, affirms Lord Rama.The supreme lover, Krishna, ardently longing to relish this romantic combat, instantly arrives at the love arena. Kamdev's five arrows scared by his piercing glance, retreat. And soon after the...amorous frolic...a romantic dalliance begins.The lovers, Shri Radha-Krishna, foray into this battle-field cautiously.

They are not negligent in their love-play but vigilance does not work here. Over and over again Shri Radha-Krishna's embarrassed eyes smile; shy laughter invading their lips gives rise to a new oversight, probably construed as caution in this realm.

Engrossed in this combat are the supreme lover and his beloved...The moment they fondle each other, the girdle chimes and intense passion, startles both of them. Apprehensive that it is the sound of some sakhi's zone of bells...and instantly they spot the exotic girdle of Priyaji. It sounds ravishingly again, thrilled on seeing their eyes rove around frantically, their innocence...Radha's shyly sweet face. A new romantic sentiment...the terrifying rush of love can not be contained and the enraptured pair expand on a new amorous frolic.

In the midst of this episode, the frenzied zone of bells'...resound the enchanting song of Shri Radha-Krishna's romantic dalliance in the nikunja. The lovers startled by the love-alarm, take off this tell-tale girdle and keep it aside; it has no place in their love-exchange. Crazily it was hampering their love-sport...chirping about their divine dalliance in the entire forest...propagating its envious good fortune. No this would not have been the reason.

The girdle was well aware of the tender limbs of Shri Radha-Krishna. The bejewelled, golden bells could hurt their delicate bodies, it warned...and its tinkling could do no harm as the forest was isolated.But if the intoxicated golden flower ornaments marked their blue-hued and fair-complexioned frames, the entire sakhi clan would ridicule the lover and his beloved.

And pinpoint to Kishoriji,' Please be sensible. Look at your condition.' And Shri Radhika's embarrassment would escalate with their sarcasm, 'Shyam Sundar! Be careful...don't you know...our Radha is very delicate and you invariably give in to intense passion...'

To save them from this awkward state, the girdle tinkled and the passionately enraptured lovers came to their senses...took it off and kept it aside...She had done them a was not correct to distance it totally... she could observe this romantic dalliance...ecstatic with their touch... instrumental in their amorous frolic...Does sacrifice ever go waste?

Shri Radha-Krishna were not indifferent towards her. And guess what? The supreme rasika tied her around his waist...she sang melodiously again in joyous abandon. Soon enough a new playfull dalliance began...the same ardent longing... with the Yugal absorbed in fresh episodes of love-play. They had no inkling when the girdle removed from the waist, sat on some bush nearby or mingled with other ornaments to become a silent onlooker.

Who can give an account of Shri Radha's thighs, supple like an intoxicated elephant's trunk? Surprisingly, it is the device of an enchanting gait. Probably madhurya or sweet love is full of astonishing escapades in the realm of love. The girdle freed the waist and enhanced the ravishing beauty of Radha's supple thighs, and the rush of love was terrifying.

Once again the charming cycle began...entangled and at peace, bound and free at times, the supreme lover and his beloved riding on surges of action-rest, triumphing over Kamdev the god of love, flying the flag of their romantic dalliance, reached the heights of elation and ecstasy.

A particle of their love-episode can enchant the entire world...steep devotees in their love and make them reach the deeper ecstasies of devotion with energy and joyfulness. 'When will the compassionate Shri Radhika,representing the highest ideal of religious rapture experienced through the sentiment of sweet romance, be moved towards us?'

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