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Chapter 45: Pilgrimage to Kamvan

Revelling on the birthday of Lord Krishna in 1985, the plan of visiting Barsana for Radharani's birth celebrations had been confirmed.As always they were to go to Barsana via Giriraj .Sushila Bahenji and Vijay were accompanying her. Bobo's eyes fixedly looking in front were slightly opened. Sensing her to be in a trance,Sushilla Bahenji and Vijay would insist to know about her state. On reaching Giriraj when she was steeped in the surging waves of Mansi Ganga, Sushila Bahenji asked and Bobo revealed:

“While sitting in the bus she saw Priya-Priyatam standing on the peak of Giriraj in a particular mudra or posture.The breeze was proud of its good fortune as it frolicked with the divine couple's garments.

Wearing a blue-coloured veil, Kishoriji tried to conceal herself from Krishna's mischievous glance by pulling it a bit.The supreme lover humming tilted to peep at her. Finally the veil slipped fully from her head and Radharani's majestic beauty radiated. Both the moons were visible and enhanced the grandeur of that place.” The hint of a smile played on Bobo's lips as she narrated this episode.

They went to have darshan of Shri Gaya Prasadji as well and he welcomed them warmly as usual.

The next day a programme was made to go to Parasauli which has the good fortune of being the bhajan site of Surdas and the playground of Shri Nathji.ShrimaMahaprabhu Vallabhacharyaji and Gosain Shri Vithalnathji have also visited this place several times. When they visited the samadhi of Shri Surdasji, the hut where he used to sing devotional songs,

Bobo actually saw, “Shri Surdas sitting there as he used to and singing padas (devotional verses).The clever Shyam,the supreme lover stood behind him and Surdasji was conscious of this fact. Gradually he took both his hands behind and wrapped the handsome god in his arms.Tied in the bond of his bhakta, the blue-hued god also fondly put his arm around Surdasji's neck. On this gesture, Surdasji fondly exclaimed, “Oh it is you!”

Shri Kishorji was standing in front and touching the chin of Surdas she spoke in a very melodious tone, putting hundreds of tinkling anklets to shame, “Baba!”

Hearing such a mellifluous sound revered Bobo was ecstatic. Extending both his hands, Surdasji groped to touch her feet, and enthused ,”Laali is also there.”

Shriji Temple in Barsana

Meanwhile preparations to proceed to Barsana for Radha Ashtami were made and along with Shri Thakur all of us came to Barsana.

Usually after Shri Radha's birth celebrations we would stay on till the the lilas or playful dalliances of Radha-Krishna were enacted but this time we left for Kamvan to see the sites there. Kamvan has also been acclaimed as the original Vrindavan, where the ardent longing of the Braj cowherdesses for union with Krishna is fulfilled.

At present also several sites sighted by worldly eyes urge us to relish the lilas of Krishna and make them perceptible for us.

We had darshan of Vimal Kund,

Kameshwar Mahadev

Kameshwar Mahadev and many other sites welcomed by a slight drizzle of rain. Everyone was apparently delighted by this joyous journey but revered Bobo was absorbed in a particular bhava.

Charan Pahari

She went with the others for sighting Charan Pahari and Manohar Dasji accompanied them. On reaching the top she turned her gaze to look all around. The beauty of that place bathed in the slight sprinkling of rain as far as the eye could see, had nature strutting around spiritedly to give a message loaded with the sweetness of Krishna. She saw, the handsome Shyam flinging up the flute held in his hands on the same mount.

His ardently capricious state was obvious by the dancing movement of his limbs. He could sense that Priyaji was nearby and sang those notes which were dear to her. Priyaji hid herself from the gaze of Priyatam by holding one end of a creeper which wound around a tree. A peacock spreading out its wings in a rapturous state broke the stillness of the place at times.

With his sidelong glance the dark god has seen Shayamaji and blowing a melodious note into the flute shook her out of her reverie.Unknowingly Priyaji moved ahead and arrived there.Her tinkling anklets and the girdle of bells around her waist sounded with ravishing melody.Resting her head on Krishna's shoulder she indicated her impassioned state.

At this end Krishna mischievously removed the flute from his lips and asked her to play it. Being well versed in the 64 arts Priyaji is adept at flute play.Only rasikas have the right to gain entry and relish the divine play of Radha-Krishna.

Darshan of Gokul Chandramaji

Gokul Chandramaji

The next day Bobo went to sight Gokul Chandramaji when he is woken up early in the morning. Nature seemed to be ringing because of the sattvic (pristine) environment in that secluded place. Some devotees were singing the pada (a verse of devotional poetry)of a daan-lila (Krishna's exaction of tribute from the herdgirls of Braj as they go with their milk etc to market). Absorbed in their playful dalliance Bobo noted a charming perception which is set to a literary composition.

“Priya-Priyatam are sitting in a nikunja. Stepping out the handsome god teasingly whispers something to a crazed maiden, which she alone knows. At this end clad in a reddish saree Priyaji is present, absorbed in some love escapade. The dark god hides her with his yellow sash and speaks again to the cowherdess, who has a pot of curd perched on her head. Enraptured she keeps looking at the supreme lover. The terrifying rush of love invades her heart and she goes to sell her milk-curd. Now Priyatam bends and says some words to Priyaji which lead to expressions of inspiration and delight flitting across Radharani's face.

This is seen by another maiden (revered Bobo) standing in the shade of a tree near a thicket. An expert in the art of dallying, Kanhaiya whispers into Priyaji's ears because of some spirited antic and smiles. She tries to push him away with her right hand. With that intoxicating smile the handsome Shyam looks at me (Bobo). Because of his glance I can not resist his thrusts of ecstasy, his secret or his sudden love because of his glance. How amazing is this vast ocean of madhur rasa or sentiment of sweet romance where rasa or the bliss of love pervades and overwhelms us.

Ecstatic on savouring these lilas, Bobo stayed there for a couple of days and returned to Barsana again.

It was her regime to go for darshan of Shriji (Radharani) and she would go via 'Priya Kund', 'Bhanu Sarovar' and often through 'Gahar Van'.

Sankhri Khor

She would circumambulate Sankhri Khor, Chaksauli, Shri Krishna Kund, at times 'Mor Kutee' and many a time 'Vilas Garhi' and 'Man Garhi' and then climb upwards. Going through Sankhri Khor she saw, “ Dark reddish curtains draped over the mountain range towards Vilas Garhi and pillars coated with the same lac coloured tender cloth and the same fabric spread out on the platform below.

The supreme lover is lying upside down and seems to be expecting someone. The chirping of birds can be heard amidst the cluster of trees and at times herds of peacocks cry out melodiously to break the silence.Perched on a tree in front a pair of parrots are probably raving about some playful dalliance of Radha-Krihsna.Soon after a flock of peacocks flew from the right to left with fervour and the startled Krishna looked upwards.

It seems the god is waiting for the cowherdess who is getting milk-curd. While from Chaksauli Village a gopika adulates the passionate state of the lover with a pot of curd balanced on her head.She is supporting the earthen pot with her hand but is so absorbed that she bends backwards and has no inkling when the pot falls and breaks. Vrishbhanu Nandini who is coming here from another path looks up, wondering how the pot broke.

The lakuti (a small club held by Krishna) lies near him and he shows it to Radharani to prove he has no hand in the episode.

Priyaji mumbles, “Not with the club but you have broken the pot with your sidelong glance.” Radha-Krishna intently gaze at that milkmaid and pamper her.

Every moment Bobo relished the sweet beauty of Shyama-Shyam, their charming divine plays and became a character taking part in their playful dalliance.

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