Friday, September 23, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Eighteenth Shloka

Shri Krishna, Balram & Gopas on Mount Govardhan

hantayam adrir abala hari-dasa-varyo yad
manam tanoti saha-go-ganayos tayor yat
(SB 10.21.18)

Mount Govardhan is Blessed Because of Shri Krishna's Touch

Meaning & Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: Oh, it is so very distressing that we are frail and incapable of serving Krishna(with the same bala or strength as Mount Govardhan). Just look Sakhi! Sri Hari is the one who expiates sins of the entire world-Behold Mount Govardhan who is is so very fortunate, is topmost of the Lord's servitors and supreme amongst the Vaishnavas.

Cows & Gopas Rest While Krishna Looks On

Shri Krishna wanders here daily for grazing the cows along with the young gopas.That is precisely why the Mount is so elated and ecstatic on feeling the touch of Krishna lotus feet. Just look, it is being endowed with the sattvic bhava because of its love for Krishna.

Cascading Waterfalls of Govardhan

Govardhan is feeling the thrill of rapture in the form of grass which stands on end, and its cascading water bodies seem to be shedding tears of joy.

Fruit Orchards of Govardhan Serve Krishna

How does it serve Shri Krishna, the young cowherds and cows who have ventured here. Cool fragrant waterfalls cascade and offer them water to drink, and the Mount arranges green pastures for the cows to graze on. Such beautiful orchards loaded with fruit trees are blossoming all over the place because of irrigation. The Mount honours Krishna by offering several varieties of roots and fruits to the dark god.

Boulders in Mount Govardhan

As per the weather conditions, cool and warm rocks look so smooth and lovely. And caves for dalliance where beautiful ratnas are hidden, seem so majestic.

Sakhis Ardently Long for Krishna

In this manner, Govardhan is attending to the needs of Krishna in a number of ways and is blessed with great good fortune, even on being inanimate. Whereas we who are living sentient beings are not so fortunate because we can not serve Krishna in any possible way.

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