Friday, February 15, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita: Thirty-fifth Shloka'

balena mugdha-capalena vilokitena , 
man-manase kim api capalam udvahantam  \ 
lolena locana-rasayanam ikshanena , 
lila-kishoram upaguhitum utsuko 'smi 
Simple Meaning:

The Childlike Fickle Glance of Lord Krishna

I am eagerly desirous to embrace that very sportive youth Krishna who is delightful to behold with our restless longing eyes. The One who has evoked an unsusual capriciousness and zeal in our hearts with His childlike, fickle and enchanting glances.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Bilavmangal ji Ardently Longs to See Lord Krishna

Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj is becoming extremely agitated for the darshan of that Lila Kishore Krishna and is tossing about restlessly. As if he will be not be able to live without seeing Him ; thus he is calling out in agitation that the One who is joyous to behold, no, no, rather the One who grants pleasure to all my senses , and makes us ecstatic, I am becoming eagerly desirous to embrace Him with my longing eyes. When will He manifest His charming form in front of my eyes?
Lord Krishna Resides in Lilashuk's Heart

By a fragment of His grace, He Himself  appeared in me and aroused the longing to attain Him. What ability did a a person like me steeped in delusion (esp as to the supposed reality of the world) have that I could ardently long to behold Him.With His fickleness, Krishna sowed this seed in me; as its fruition I am wish to see Him. Plus coming extremely close to Him, I am yearning to embrace Him with my eyes .

Shri Paramanad Dasji & Krishna

In the words of Shri Paramanand Das ji what sort of agitation is apparent

hari teri lila ki sudhi aavai |
kamalnayan manmohini murti, man man chitra banaavai  ||
ek baar jaahi milat kripa kari so kaaise bisraavai  |

The Dark-hued Lord Krishna is Joyous to Behold

Closing his eyes and meditating, Shri Bilavmangal ji also says. Ah! When will I become eagerly desirous of embracing that dark-hued youth Shyam Sunder, the One who is joyous to behold, that dark lampblack which resides in our eyes, who imparts light to blind eyes and makes them radiant, with my yearning eyes?

Shri Lilashuk Yearns for Lord Krishna

Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Shri Lilashuk says, “ Clasping every limb to my heart through my eyes, may I be able to embrace Him just as the gopis embraced different limbs of dark-hued Krishna when He reappeared in the Maha Rasa after vanishing.

The Gopis & Lord Krishna in the Maha Rasa

Some gopi caught his lotus hands, while another clasped His feet. Yet another took Lord Krishna in her heart through her eyes and began hugging Him. Whereas another gopi filled the receptacles of her eyes with His ineffable beauty and began drinking it. Lilashuk is getting absorbed in this very rasa or religious rapture.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

In this shloka,very real feelings of
Sh.Bilvmangalji are shown.He is saying; "lalsa bhi tumhi jagate ho aur ab shaman bhi tumhi karo"kitana sunder bhav hai apne picture bhi kitani anuroop lagayin hai.thanks ise
itna sunder dikhane ke liye.